Update 5/5: coupon for PUB died. For the last month Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has been in the top 10 selling list on Steam, often making the number one slot. It's for good reason as the game has been consistently running near 100,000 players at a time for the few weeks its been available. The popularity has made discounts hard to find, but today GMG put a 25% off discount code out slashing the price to $22.49. Best price online from an authorized retailer.

May the 4th be with you, and as always happens this time of year Steam and GOG have their Star Wars sales running. This year discounts are reaching 77% on titles like Knights of the Old Republic, X-wing vs. Tie Fighter, and Empire at War Gold.

The newest sci-fi horror shooter to hit the market is Bethesda's Prey. The game goes live tonight at 9PM Pacific with pre-load live as of Wednesday. Rather than paying full price at Steam, GMG has a discount to $47.99 after login or account creation. GamesPlanet is also a good alternative deal as they are £34.99 or about $45 in US Dollars (no region restriction at GamesPlanet).

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