Wondering if we'll be at an event near you? Take a look at the list below to see what events we'll be attending this year.

LTX 2019 | Vancouver, Canada - July 27th and 28th

LTX is a PC gaming and tech expo hosted by Linus Tech Tips. Wendell will be attending and doing coverage for the channel. Come say hello! LTX is open to the public.



Computex 2019 | Taipei, Taiwan - Event Over


Penguincon 2019 | Southfield, Michigan - Event Over

Penguicon is an Open Source - Science Fiction convention that is community run, and non-profit. Wendell will be covering Penguincon and hanging out with fans all weekend. We hope to see you there!



Gaming Streams
Every Sunday and Friday at 7:30pm EST

Every week we stream a variety of games on our twitch channel, TeamPGP (Professionals Gaming Poorly). This is a great place to ask us questions, meet other fans, and relax.