Have you held off building your next gaming rig waiting for prices to come down on the Nvidia 1000 series? Well, we certainly saw a few scattered deals during the holiday season 2016, but since then it's been a dead zone. Not any more at Jet who launched two stacking coupon codes making the best prices of 2017 on several high end GTX 1070's and 1080's (there's even a good deal on a 1060).

The discounts are valid now through March 5, so you have a few days to claim before the savings goes extinct. The best savings really are on the cheapest 1070 for $335 and 1080 for $519.90 - stellar offers, though you consider going with higher end configurations of the 1070 or 1080 for various reasons. The coupon hardly works on anything else on their site, but there are few cheap motherboards to consider, like the MSI B150 falling from $100 to only $56 after the coupon combo.

In other deal news, next week's big release Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands has gone on sale. The co-op shooter has gone on sale at GMG with a drop to $49.29. The Deluxe and Gold Edition share a similar 18% price drop falling to $57.57 and $81.99 respectively. GMG is an authroized source, so you'll get the same Peruvian Connection mission pre-order bonus as you would paying full price.

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