I recently realized we haven't done a community Q+A in.... pretty much ever. We used to do Q+A for 19+ patrons; but now we do a monthly podcast for that tier. Since that change, the Q+A has fallen by the wayside entirely. So what better way to start the new year then by answering the questions from everyone- patrons and regular subscribers alike?!

Ask us whatever you like (within reason!). Questions like:

  • How many computers does Wendell actually own?
  • Which font is better: Comic Sans or Papyrus?
  • Why does Ryan like Nestle Water so much?

The only thing we ask you to avoid is build-specific questions: while it's nice that you value our opinions on your upcoming build or tech support issue, the Q+A video is probably not the best time for it (and we promise the forum community is happy to provide input if you post there).

We will likely film this around January 7th if we have enough questions; so you have a few days to think of what you want to ask. Post your questions in the comments below or send them to us @Level1Techs on Twitter.

See you in the forums!