0:00 - Intro
0:52 - Biden administration planning action to stop hostile foreign governments exploiting Americans’ personal data
1:38 - N.S.A. Buys Americans’ Internet Data Without Warrants, Letter Says - The New York Times
4:00 - FTC bans TurboTax from advertising ‘free’ services, calls it deceptive
5:57 - FTC opens inquiry into Big Tech's partnerships with leading AI startups
7:09 - The US government opens 22 million acres of federal lands to solar
8:56 - US to Ban Pentagon From Buying Batteries From China’s CATL, BYD
10:20 - Cops Used DNA to Predict a Suspect’s Face—and Tried to Run Facial Recognition on It
11:14 - Expert shows how to tamper with Georgia voting machine in election security trial
12:29 - New York first city to declare social media environmental toxin
13:58 - Florida lawmakers vote to restrict children's access to social media
15:45 - Army partners with famous YouTubers on Fortnite hoping to boost Gen Z recruitment
16:56 - Was The NO AI FRAUD Act Written By A Fraudulent AI? Because Whoever Wrote It Is Hallucinating
19:01 - Telecom Monopolies Are Once Again Funding Covert, Sleazy Local Attacks On Community Broadband Networks
20:11 - Nonsurgical Neural Interfaces Could Significantly Expand Use of Neurotechnology
20:54 - Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, and others partner with US government on AI research program
21:56 - Viasat Tries to Stop Citizen Effort to Revive FCC Funding for Starlink
23:51 - Patreon: Blocking platforms from sharing user video data is unconstitutional
25:41 - China quietly pulls draft gaming rules from website
26:45 - Science fiction awards held in China under fire for excluding authors
27:31 - AMD removes Taiwan branding from CPUs, says change wasn't made to appease China
28:04 - Sony ends $10 billion merger with India's Zee, setting stage for legal row
28:57 - Philippines president sparks outcry for using presidential helicopter to see Coldplay concert
29:49 - Apple pays $13.7 mln Russian fine, antitrust agency says
30:36 - Apple is bringing sideloading and alternate app stores to the iPhone
32:54 - Ban smartphones for under-16s, PM told
33:20 - AI will make scam emails look genuine, UK cybersecurity agency warns
34:10 - Amazon fined for 'excessively intrusive' surveillance of its workers in France
35:00 - Inside a Global Phone Spy Tool Monitoring Billions
36:01 - iPhone Apps Secretly Harvest Data When They Send You Notifications, Researchers Find
37:16 - Man Jailed and Beaten After False Facial Recognition Match, $10M Lawsuit Alleges
38:25 - Ring ends feature that let police ask users for videos via Neighbors app
39:03 - EFF adds surveillance hub so Americans can check spying
39:35 - IT consultant in Germany fined for exposing shoddy security
40:27 - Email threats to patients escalate after Fred Hutch cyberattack
41:06 - Microsoft executive emails hacked by Russian intelligence group
41:40 - NPM registry users download 2.1B deprecated packages weekly, researchers say
42:00 - Massive leak exposes 26 billion records in mother of all breaches
42:53 - Fujitsu bugs that sent innocent people to prison were known “from the start”
44:45 - Apostrophy OS Could Be The Future Of Privacy

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