0:00 - Intro
0:25 - Microsoft Lays Off 1,900 Staff From Its Video Game Workforce
1:04 - EBay to slash about 1,000 roles, or 9% of full-time employees
1:54 - Google lays off “dozens” from X Labs, wants projects to seek outside funding
3:05 - Google Cuts Thousands of Workers Improving Search After Search Results Scientifically Shown to Suck
4:12 - TikTok is laying off dozens of workers as the tech industry continues to shed jobs in the new year
4:30 - Riot Games cuts 530 jobs, shuts down publishing arm Riot Forge
4:49 - SAP is restructuring 8,000 jobs as it shifts focus to AI
5:19 - Nvidia’s RTX GPUs can now upgrade SDR content to HDR using AI
5:50 - Apple might have sold up to 180,000 Vision Pro headsets over pre-order weekend
6:55 - The Apple car apparently still exists, could debut in 2028 with reduced autonomy
7:46 - HP CEO evokes James Bond-style hack via ink cartridges
8:37 - Revolutionary “LEGO-Like” Photonic Chip Paves Way for Semiconductor Breakthroughs
9:21 - Researchers Claim First Functioning Graphene-Based Chip
10:35 - TSMC prepares for 1nm production as price hikes drive most semiconductor industry growth
11:27 - Huawei makes a break from Android with next version of Harmony OS
12:02 - AT&T, Google part of $155M investment in AST SpaceMobile
12:35 - Disney offers an elegant solution to VR’s movement problem
13:56 - T-Mobile Home Internet Adds a Data Throttling Rule for New Customers
15:01 - Tesla: You’ll Have to Wipe Dead Bugs and Bird Poop off Your Cybertruck ASAP to Avoid Corrosion
15:42 - iPhone app sideloading: Apple reportedly plans to charge fees and review apps downloaded outside of the App Store
16:53 - Broadcom’s VMware Overhaul Draws Attention of CIOs
17:39 - Streaming pirates are Hollywood’s new villains
19:10 - Palworld embroiled in AI and Pokémon ‘plagiarism’ controversy
20:49 - Pokémon Company says it intends to investigate Palworld
22:55 - Grand Theft Auto helped triple Netflix's gaming engagement last year
23:31 - Netflix is going to take away its cheapest ad-free plan
23:56 - Google Chrome gains AI features, including a writing helper, theme creator, and tab organizer
25:20 - Google Play store still hosts spyware loan apps like Joy Credito
26:31 - Plex is about to launch a store for movies and TV shows
27:33 - ME Bank fined $820,000 for giving home loan borrowers wrong information about their interest rates
28:44 - Meta now lets EU users unlink their Facebook, Messenger and Instagram accounts
29:08 - Facebook and Instagram will block DMs to teens unless they're from a friend
29:42 - X is being flooded with graphic Taylor Swift AI images
30:11 - X appears to be juicing MrBeast's views as Elon Musk tries to woo the YouTuber to the platform
31:08 - Elon Musk says he's 'Jewish by association' after Auschwitz visit, sees 'almost no antisemitism'
32:03 - WVU research reveals possible link between teen personalities, social media preferences and depressive symptoms
33:16 - Utah Teen Accusied Of Taping Fish To ATMs
34:18 - The tyranny of the algorithm: why every coffee shop looks the same
35:40 - School removes mirrors to stop kids from making TikToks

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