0:00 - Intro
0:34 - OpenAI Quietly Scrapped a Promise to Disclose Key Documents to the Public
1:32 - OpenAI suspends developer behind Dean Phillips bot
2:03 - OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is still chasing billions to build AI chips
3:20 - OpenAI CEO Altman says at Davos future AI depends on energy breakthrough
4:07 - OpenAI drops prices and fixes ‘lazy’ GPT-4 that refused to work
4:50 - AI Chatbot Curses at Customer and Criticizes Work Company
5:19 - Nearly half of job seekers using generative AI for resume help: survey
6:42 - Apple aims to run AI models directly on iPhones, other devices
7:11 - Game developer survey: 50% work at a studio already using generative AI tools
8:39 - Another Hollywood strike? Musicians union ‘prepared to do whatever it needs’ for AI protections and streaming residuals
9:47 - Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin among thousands of British artists used to train AI software, Midjourney
11:45 - Nightshade, a free tool to poison AI data scraping, is now available to try
12:42 - AI-generated puffy pontiff image inspires new warning from Pope Francis
13:31 - George Carlin AI Lawsuit: Estate Sues Creators Over Comedy Special
15:48 - Doomsday Clock stays at 90 seconds to midnight
16:29 - Eric Schmidt’s Secret Military Project Revealed: Attack Drones.
17:44 - Urea-powered nanorobots reduce bladder tumors by 90% in mice
18:36 - NASA regains contact with its Mars helicopter
19:14 - Axiom, SpaceX launch third all-private crew mission to space station
19:52 - Japan’s successful Moon landing was the most precise ever
20:34 - Nearby galaxy’s giant black hole is real, ‘shadow’ image confirms
21:15 - Dune, but IRL? The Pentagon warns of ‘warfighting’ in space
21:58 - Man robbed Chicago bank 3 days after being acquitted of bank robbery
22:38 - Amish horse and buggy stolen from Walmart parking lot while family shopped
23:20 - Thieves Cut Down Radio Broadcast Tower In Southeastern Oklahoma To Steal $100 Worth of Copper
23:55 - Woman arrested for allegedly stealing $2,500 worth of Stanley cups , police say
25:23 - Henry Okello Oryem: Uganda minister says people dying of hunger are 'idiots'
26:29 - Superintendent Walters under fire for appointing TikTok watchdog to education committee
26:58 - ‘The Lord told us to’: US pastor says he stole $1m from Christians to remodel home
28:03 - Kyte Baby in controversy after Marissa Hughes’ remote work request was denied, CEO apologizes
29:24 - Nude artist claims museum 'turned a blind eye' to 'sexual assaults' by visitors
30:50 - Jennifer Lopez to produce Bob the Builder movie
32:04 - Ukrainian-born model winning Miss Japan re-ignites identity debate
33:55 - ‘Out of this world’: Professional musician plays guitar during his own brain surgery
34:40 - Cicada invasion: 2 broods may emerge in NC this year
36:13 - Police: Stanwood farmer strikes man with pitchfork in goat argument
36:41 - Richmond police catch pig enjoying snow day
37:25 - Man Removed From American Airlines Flight For Farting Excessively
38:12 - Top Harvard cancer researchers accused of scientific fraud; 37 studies affected
39:03 - Hologram lecturers thrill students at trailblazing UK university
39:55 - FDA says cancer treatment CAR-T therapy may increase risk of cancer
40:23 - Gen Z Is Choosing Not to Drive
41:55 - US scientist recommends adding salt to make perfect cup of tea
43:09 - India’s courts to rule on who invented butter chicken
44:02 - Burger with waiver served at Toronto hotel

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