0:00 - Intro
0:49 - FCC to declare AI-generated voices in robocalls illegal under existing law
2:14 - The Pentagon Tried to Hide That It Bought Americans’ Data Without a Warrant
3:36 - US disabled Chinese hacking network targeting critical infrastructure
4:11 - FBI director warns Chinese hackers aim to 'wreak havoc' on U.S. critical infrastructure
5:03 - US names more China companies as military collaborators
5:35 - AI companies will need to report safety tests to US government
6:34 - Lindsey Graham Promises To Try To Repeal Section 230 Every Week
7:56 - Microsoft, X throw their weight behind KOSA, the controversial kids online safety bill
8:42 - Researchers Say the Deepfake Biden Robocall Was Likely Made With Tools From AI Startup ElevenLabs
9:39 - There's so much data even spies are struggling to find secrets
10:37 - Amazon Could be Held Responsible for Third-Party Products
11:23 - NY AG sues Citibank for failing to protect customers from fraud
13:13 - NYC wants to create a first-of-its kind department to regulate app-bas
14:17 - Tesla sued by California counties over hazardous waste
15:36 - California Bill Calls for Tech to Make New Cars Unable to Speed
16:47 - eBay to pay $59m settlement over sales of pill-making tools
17:56 - Presidential candidate RFK Jr. blames junior staffer for comment to OnlyFans model
19:10 - Ex-CIA software engineer sentenced to 40 years for giving secrets to WikiLeaks
19:55 - Apple faces 'strong action' if App Store changes fall short, EU's Breton says
20:36 - Apple says UK could 'secretly veto' global privacy tools
22:15 - U.K. to Ban Disposable Vapes to Prevent Use by Children
23:26 - Hundreds of thousands of EU citizens ‘wrongly fined for driving in London Ulez’
24:10 - British man acquitted over London-Spain flight bomb hoax
26:04 - Authorities Secure $2 Billion in Bitcoin from Pirate Site Operators
26:39 - OpenAI's ChatGPT breaches privacy rules, says Italian watchdog
29:25 - Japan will no longer require floppy disks for submitting some official documents
29:56 - China approves over 40 AI models for public use in past six months
30:19 - Mass Blackout Takes Russian Internet Offline
31:12 - Ivanti patches two zero-days under attack, but finds another
33:00 - Binance Code and Internal Passwords Exposed on GitHub for Months
33:46 - How a mistakenly published password exposed Mercedes-Benz source code
34:23 - More companies expected to disclose email hacks by Russian intelligence
34:44 - Cisco’s head of security thinks that we’re headed into an AI phishing nightmare
36:00 - Ars Technica used in malware campaign with never-before-seen obfuscation
37:11 - Cloudflare Hacked by Suspected State-Sponsored Threat Actor
37:46 - GPS interference now a major flight safety concern

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