0:00 - Intro
0:22 - Okta to lay off 7% of staff, about 400 employees
0:37 - PayPal to cut about 2,500 jobs as rivals snag market share
0:57 - UPS to cut 12,000 jobs after 'disappointing' year
1:25 - Zoom layoffs: Company cuts 150 jobs, 2% of workforce
1:41 - Embracer lays off 97 Eidos employees and cancels new Deus Ex game
2:23 - Amazon terminates iRobot deal, Roomba maker to lay off 31% of staff
3:03 - 23andMe Has Lost Billions, Almost Worthless Now
3:42 - Google seemingly embraces AI dogfooding with gutso — cancels huge contract which could see thousands of quality rater jobs terminated and change SEO forever
4:14 - Jack Dorsey's Block Lays Off 'Large Number' of Staffers
5:05 - Move Near Office Or Leave: IBM Issues Final Warning To Managers Working Remotely
5:42 - The uncomfortable truth about AI’s impact on the workforce is playing out inside the big AI companies themselves
7:06 - Tech layoffs jump in January as Alphabet, Meta, Microsoft reach high
8:08 - January hiring was the lowest for the month on record as layoffs surged
9:23 - Intel delays $20 bln Ohio project, citing slow chip market
10:25 - Senate tells social media CEOs they have 'blood on their hands' for failing to protect children
11:09 - The phone maker behind Cat and Motorola’s rugged lineups has shut down
11:39 - FTX scraps plan to revive exchange and will repay billions to customers
12:33 - Apple Vision Pro review: magic, until it’s not
14:18 - Apple declares last MacBook Pro with an optical drive obsolete
15:12 - AMD’s new CPU hits 132fps in Fortnite without a graphics card
15:59 - Comcast reluctantly agrees to stop its misleading “10G Network” claims
16:27 - Raspberry Pi is planning a London IPO, but its CEO expects “no change” in focus
17:03 - HaLow Wi-Fi standard achieves 1.8-mile range in field test
17:33 - Starlink's Laser System Is Beaming 42 Million GB of Data Per Day
18:26 - Elon Musk's Neuralink implants brain chip in first human
19:08 - Elon Musk’s $56bn Tesla pay package is too much, judge rules
20:17 - Blackstone to build 60 football field-sized data centers worth $25 billion
21:01 - ICANN proposes creating .INTERNAL domain
21:46 - Philips Agrees to Stop Selling Sleep Apnea Machines in the U.S.
22:26 - Snap is recalling and refunding every drone it ever sold
23:09 - Hulu is cracking down on password sharing, just like Disney Plus and Netflix
23:53 - Google One is about to hit 100 million subscribers
24:25 - ByteDance’s CEO is mad at his employees for missing the AI wave. He’s the latest Chinese tech executive to fret about being too slow to adapt
25:03 - Dell kills distribution deal for Broadcom's VMware products
25:38 - Microsoft's gaming revenue was up 49 percent in Q2, mostly thanks to the Activision deal
26:05 - Microsoft stole my Chrome tabs, and it wants yours, too
27:03 - MS-DOS and Windows 3.11 still run train dashboards at German railway — company listed admin job for 30-year-old operating system
27:36 - Arc Search: a new iPhone app combining browser, search, and AI
28:36 - Amazon Prime Video ads start from today – up to 3.5 mins per hour
29:19 - Netflix Adds Generative AI to Risk Factors in Annual Report
30:12 - Mozilla says Apple’s new browser rules are ‘as painful as possible’ for Firefox
31:45 - Palworld isn’t slowing down, hits 19 million players across Steam and Xbox
32:39 - Zuckerberg says sorry for Meta harming kids—but rejects payments to families
33:43 - Elmo responds to outpouring of angst on social media
34:35 - Beheading video posted on YouTube prompts response from social media platform

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