0:00 - Intro
1:36 - Microsoft Closes Loophole That Created AI Porn of Taylor Swift
2:14 - Microsoft AI engineer says company thwarted attempt to expose DALL-E 3 safety problems
4:18 - Meta’s free Code Llama AI programming tool closes the gap with GPT-4
4:48 - OpenAI Says ChatGPT Probably Won’t Make a Bioweapon
5:44 - OpenAI says mysterious chat histories resulted from account takeover
6:22 - Mistral CEO confirms 'leak' of new open source AI model nearing GPT-4 performance
7:01 - Bard generates photos now, finally
7:30 - Google Maps is getting ‘supercharged’ with generative AI
8:11 - New GitHub Copilot Research Finds 'Downward Pressure on Code Quality'
8:37 - Following lawsuit, rep admits “AI” George Carlin was human-written
9:12 - iOS 17.4: Apple continues work on AI-powered Siri and Messages features, with help from ChatGPT
9:46 - AI poisoning tool Nightshade received 250,000 downloads in 5 days
10:22 - Photoshop owner rejects TV channel’s claim that AI to blame for doctoring female MP Georgie Purcell’s image to be more revealing
11:29 - Food delivery robot crashes into car, flees scene of accident
12:15 - GM's Cruise faces long road back to city streets in wake of safety review
13:06 - SpaceX's Starship to launch 'Starlab' private space station in late 2020s
13:41 - Japan’s Slim moon lander overcomes power crisis to start scientific operations
14:26 - New Mexico officers won't face charges in fatal shooting at wrong address
15:09 - Las Vegas driver with 19 tickets who killed bicyclist could get probation
15:48 - Las Vegas police: Man who previously killed 3 in DUI crash arrested again at 4 times legal limit
16:19 - Mother jailed 3 years for splashing boiling water on porn-watching son
17:00 - Brisbane school plans to change exam times so year 12 students can attend Swift concert
17:47 - ‘Sky poop’ complaints have North Tonawanda residents, officials seeking answers
18:58 - Long arm of the claw: police rescue Queensland toddler stuck in Hello Kitty prize machine | Brisbane
20:27 - Richard McCormick admits to doing pull ups at top of Capitol Dome and insists ‘there was nothing unsafe’ about it
21:11 - Woman tossing trash falls into dumpster, survives getting compacted in garbage truck
22:31 - Mom banned from dropping kids off at Christian school due to OnlyFans ad on her car
23:32 - Houston County Schools to install bathroom cameras; parents express concerns to school system
24:07 - Green Bay High School students voice concerns about glass bathroom door, principal says it’s to stop vaping and vandalism
24:41 - Brookfield High tampon dispenser destroyed in boys bathroom
25:49 - Viral 'Mommy and Me' pole fitness classes are not what you may think
26:53 - Starbucks is launching its olive oil-infused beverages nationwide
28:05 - Argument over missing food from McDonald’s order led to woman’s shooting death, warrants say
28:40 - Hidden prison labor web linked to foods from Target, Walmart
29:53 - NJ animal shelter will name a feral cat after your ex, then neuter it
30:37 - Mumbai police releases suspected spy pigeon after 8 months kept in custody
31:18 - Missing monkey trapped by yorkshire pudding in Scotland
31:48 - Did that octopus just punch a fish?
32:09 - Dolphins Are Trying To Kill Baby Manatees—And Scientists Don't Know Why
33:08 - Escapee raccoons in Sunderland tempted back by hot dogs
33:35 - Deer rescued from between gap in Louth houses

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