0:00 - Intro
0:40 - Nvidia’s boss tells posh grads to lower expectations
2:26 - Amazon Tells Warehouse Workers to Close Their Eyes and Think Happy Thoughts
3:49 - Top Cable and Satellite Companies Lose Nearly 7 Million Customers in 2023; Live TV Streamers Add 1.9 Million
4:59 - AMD stops certifying monitors, TVs under 144 Hz for FreeSync
6:19 - Taiwan chip powerhouses see February sales soar on AI demand
6:56 - Tesla paid no federal income taxes while paying executives $2.5 billion over five years
7:41 - The New Audi A3 Is Amess With In-Car Subscriptions
8:44 - Apple developed chip equivalent to four M2 Ultras for Apple Car
9:26 - Rivian’s CEO talks R2 and R3 launch, and why he has ‘complete certainty’ EVs will win
10:15 - Surgeons perform UK's first operation using Apple's Vision Pro headset
11:09 - SpaceX gets E-band radio waves to boost Starlink broadband
11:54 - Epic Games says Apple violated App Store injunction, seeks contempt order
12:07 - Apple Terminated Epic’s Developer Account
13:17 - Brave: Sharp increase in installs after iOS DMA update in EU
14:17 - Most subscription mobile apps don’t make money, new report shows
15:02 - Spotify to test full music videos in potential YouTube faceoff
15:43 - Discord opens up to games and apps embedded in its chat app
16:13 - Dencun upgrade goes live on Ethereum mainnet
17:42 - YouTube stops recommending videos when signed out of Google
18:11 - Airbnb is banning indoor security cameras
19:05 - Warner Bros. to delist Adult Swim-published games from Steam
20:32 - NYTimes Files Copyright Takedown Against Hundreds of Wordle Clones
22:27 - “You a—holes”: Court docs reveal Epic CEO’s anger at Steam’s 30% fees
23:04 - How Nintendo’s destruction of Yuzu is rocking the emulator world
24:20 - Microsoft is stuffing pop-up ads into Google Chrome on Windows again
25:23 - Modern workplace tech linked to lower employee well-being, study finds
26:09 - Google's newest office has AI designers toiling in a Wi-Fi desert
27:06 - Former Treasury Secretary Mnuchin is putting together an investor group to buy TikTok
27:32 - Twitch rival Rumble wants to acquire TikTok amid US ban threats
27:43 - Ex-Activision Boss Bobby Kotick Reportedly Interested in Buying TikTok
28:23 - How Facebook Messenger and Meta Pay are used to buy CSAM
28:53 - Marketers are about to infiltrate your favorite subreddits.
29:40 - Reddit's new paid ads look exactly like user posts
31:30 - Don Lemon's show canceled: Ex-CNN host says Elon Musk is 'mad' at him
32:19 - On popular online platforms, predatory groups coerce children into self-harm
34:00 - US government report reveals how Discord, Roblox, Reddit and others co-operate with the FBI and Homeland Security over content like 'user-generated re-creations of mass shootings'

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