0:00 - Intro
6:23 - Supreme Court tosses rulings on public officials’ social media blockings
7:41 - Apple sued in a landmark iPhone monopoly lawsuit
10:03 - US broadband providers to begin providing new comparison labels
10:41 - Cable And Satellite Providers Required To Disclose "All In" Pricing
11:14 - White House: Senate should move swiftly on TikTok bill
12:35 - US Supreme Court seems wary of curbing US government contacts with social media platforms
14:18 - “Disabling cyberattacks” are hitting critical US water systems, White House warns
16:24 - FTC inquires about Reddit's AI deals, ahead of IPO
17:07 - FTC Goes Undercover Against Fake Antivirus Companies
17:55 - SEC hit with sanctions for its ‘gross abuse of power’ in Debt Box case
18:39 - US to investigate Texas fatal crash that may have involved Ford partially automated driving system
19:21 - Intel awarded up to $8.5 billion from CHIPS Act, with loans available
20:30 - Amazon violated workers’ rights at crucial air hub, labor regulators allege
21:45 - Lyft and Uber to cease operations in Minneapolis after new minimum wage law
22:19 - Pornhub disables website in Texas after AG sues for not verifying users’ ages
23:09 - After TikTok, EU to scrutinise US-based social media apps for safeguard measures against AI
24:19 - Facebook, Instagram may cut fees by nearly 50% in scramble for DMA compliance
25:02 - Google hit with $270M fine in France as authority finds news publishers’ data was used for Gemini
25:39 - Turkey moves against Meta over Threads-Instagram data sharing
27:20 - Kate Middleton's medical records breached, report says
28:32 - Saudi Arabia plans $40 bln push into artificial intelligence, NYT reports
29:12 - India drops plan to require approval for AI model launches
29:55 - India will fact-check online posts about government matters
30:37 - India 'screwed up': How the U.S. lobbied New Delhi to reverse laptop rules
31:27 - Ethereum Foundation Under Investigation by 'State Authority'
32:12 - UN adopts first global artificial intelligence resolution
33:15 - Unpatchable vulnerability in Apple chip leaks secret encryption keys
33:59 - Hackers Found a Way to Open Any of 3 Million Hotel Keycard Locks in Seconds
35:13 - AT&T says leaked data of 70 million people is not from its systems
35:47 - Tech giant Fujitsu says it was hacked, warns of data breach
36:23 - Apex Legends hacker said he hacked tournament games ‘for fun’
37:26 - Florida Man Sues G.M. and LexisNexis Over Sale of His Cadillac Data
38:21 - Commercial Bank of Ethiopia glitch lets customers withdraw millions
38:55 - Safe-T-Cam daylight saving glitch proves costly for truckie
40:21 - Let’s Talk About the Flock Study That Says It Solves Crime
41:20 - New details emerge in "swatting incident" at Berea schools, FBI involved

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