0:00 - Intro
0:48 - Nvidia’s Jensen Huang says AI hallucinations are solvable, artificial general intelligence is 5 years away
1:35 - Nvidia has virtually recreated the entire planet — and now it wants to use its digital twin to crack weather forecasting for good
2:15 - Nvidia powers AI nurses Hippocratic AI
3:01 - NVIDIA partners with Ubisoft to further develop its AI-driven NPCs
3:50 - GPT-5 might arrive this summer as a “materially better” update to ChatGPT
4:38 - OpenAI’s chatbot store is filling up with spam
5:24 - AI researchers now reviewing their peers with AI assistance
6:14 - Google DeepMind’s new AI assistant helps elite soccer coaches get even better
7:11 - Microsoft hires Inflection founders to run new consumer AI division
7:37 - AI-Generated Science
8:14 - Google researchers unveil 'VLOGGER', an AI that can bring still photos to life
8:39 - Musk's Grok AI goes open source
9:09 - Apple may hire Google to power new iPhone AI features using Gemini—report
9:43 - Mercedes is trialing humanoid robots for ‘low skill, repetitive’ tasks
11:01 - Investment advisers pay $400K to settle ‘AI washing’ charges
11:30 - It’s official: Europe turns to the Falcon 9 to launch its navigation satellites
11:57 - This company intends to be the first to mine the moon
12:30 - Voyager 1 sends back surprising response after ‘poke’ from NASA
13:26 - The plastic industry knowingly pushed recycling myth for decades, new report finds
14:10 - Woman says Bath & Body Works car air freshener exploded in her face
15:12 - San Fran store blocks customers from walking aisles to prevent shoplifting, report says
16:06 - Pet DNA testing company in doghouse after identifying human as canine
16:44 - Jared Kushner says Gaza’s ‘waterfront property could be very valuable’
18:00 - ‘I would like to cuddle with the man of my dreams’: Man used ID of Gainesville cop on dating app as payback for ticket
18:34 - Sedona to provide workers living in cars Safe Place to Park
19:28 - Buckingham Palace Is Hiring a New Communications Assistant—on the Cheap
20:00 - Genetically modified cow makes milk with human insulin
20:35 - Our Homes Are 'Too Clean,' Should Be Seeded With Germs, Says Researcher
21:09 - UK woman says she isn’t cheating thanks to two vaginas
22:39 - Woman gives birth on park bench outside Quebec hospital after finding main doors locked
24:00 - Woman loses hand after freak accident with hair dryer
24:50 - Elementary school gang forces Norfolk parent to move to another city
25:37 - Ohio dad repeatedly calls school to complain about child’s homework; now he’s facing criminal charges
26:21 - Officer Who Made Man Lick Urine Off Jail Floor Pleads Guilty
27:22 - 14 Worst Cases Of Amazing Food Shrinkflation In 2024
29:00 - Nearly half of parents financially support adult children, study shows
29:56 - Cambodian prime minister bans musical vehicle horns to deter dancing
30:34 - Son of OnlyFans model admits he films her content for her
30:51 - Elizabeth Hurley felt 'safe' filming sex scenes directed by her son: 'Kind of liberating'
31:40 - 'Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey' Team Unveils 'Poohniverse' Movie
32:21 - Toyota engineers develop vehicle inspired by 'Pokemon' character
33:22 - Get free solar eclipse viewing glasses with Sonic's Blackout Slush Float
34:14 - Phillies end $1 hot dog nights following unruly fan behavior
35:08 - Girl transforms into piece of fried chicken in new Netflix series 'Chicken Nugget'
36:22 - Woman accused of impersonating FBI agent, attempting to close down Waffle House
37:20 - Man banned from Buc-ee’s for life after bringing his service duck inside Tenn. store
38:22 - Tobe Zoo animal escape drill features employee dressed up like white tiger 'escaping,' then being 'tranquilized' and 'caught'
39:03 - Community rallies around Hamburg man after alligator was seized from his home
40:17 - Hairless raccoon found in Cape Breton puzzles wildlife rescuers

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