0:00 - Intro
0:56 - Starting today, ISPs must display labels with price, speeds, and data caps
1:39 - FCC chair rejects call to impose Universal Service fees on broadband
3:08 - FCC won’t block California net neutrality law, says states can “experiment”
4:49 - A Breakthrough Online Privacy Proposal Hits Congress
5:55 - Biden considering Australian request to drop Julian Assange charges
6:59 - New bill would force AI companies to reveal use of copyrighted art
8:19 - JPMorgan, Wall Street giants on BLS economist’s ’Super Users’ list
9:30 - US to award Samsung up to $6.6 billion chip subsidy for Texas expansion, sources say
10:37 - TSMC wins $6.6 bln US subsidy for Arizona chip production
11:28 - SK hynix to Build $3.87 Billion Memory Packaging Fab in the U.S. for HBM4 and Beyond
12:36 - SEC warns Uniswap Labs of potential enforcement action
13:48 - Cox Plans to Take Piracy Liability Battle to the Supreme Court
15:48 - Biden Takes Aim at SpaceX’s Tax-Free Ride in American Airspace
17:35 - Kaspersky: Biden administration preparing to prevent Americans from using Russian-made software over national security concern
18:12 - Hollywood Believes The Time Is Ripe To Bring Back SOPA
19:33 - UK ministers considering banning sale of smartphones to under-16s
21:24 - EU's new tech laws are working; small browsers gain market share
22:11 - Germany wants its robots to be good Christians, take Sundays off from work
23:15 - Apple's India iPhone output hits $14 billion in 2024
25:06 - Brazil judge opens inquiry into Musk after refusal to block accounts on X
26:05 - NIST Unveils New Consortium to Operate the NVD
27:19 - Fury as home insurance companies cancel coverage after secretly taking pictures of owners' properties using drones, high altitude balloons and even manned airplanes
28:34 - Apple alerts users in 92 nations to mercenary spyware attacks
29:47 - Microsoft employees exposed internal passwords in security lapse
30:36 - Crypto trader's defense says Mango Markets was a trade, not theft
31:21 - SF Giants using facial recognition tech to fast-track ticket line
32:20 - Academics reckon Apple's default apps have privacy pitfalls
34:03 - LG Smart TVs have security bugs that could let hackers in
34:51 - AT&T: Data breach affects 73 million or 51 million customers. No, we won’t explain.
35:43 - Canadian DNA lab knew its paternity tests identified the wrong dads, but it kept selling them
36:56 - The Mystery of ‘Jia Tan,’ the XZ Backdoor Mastermind

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