0:00 - Intro
0:49 - Apple confirms layoffs affecting 700+ workers, including car team
1:36 - Best Buy Geek Squad Agents ‘Going Sleeper’ After Mass Layoffs
3:20 - Rich Americans get second passports, citing risk of instability
4:18 - Apple's upcoming M4 chips bring AI to its entire line of Macs. Here's when they're expected
6:08 - Apple will open the iPhone to repair with used parts
7:24 - Apple Vision Pro users complain of black eyes
8:37 - Intel unveils Gaudi 3 AI chip as Nvidia competition heats up
10:18 - Intel investigating games crashing on 13th and 14th Gen Core i9 processors
10:57 - Google announces Axion, its first custom Arm-based data center processor
11:26 - Microsoft is confident Windows on Arm could finally beat Apple
12:39 - AMD to open source MES firmware for Radeon GPUs
13:59 - Fairphone's Fairbuds are true wireless earbuds with repairable design and user-replaceable batteries
14:50 - 3D magnetic recording to boost Seagate's HDD storage capacity to 120TB+
15:36 - The First Major AI Consumer Hardware Launch is a Dumpster Fire
16:27 - We never agreed to only buy HP ink, say printer owners
17:05 - Synchron, a rival to Musk’s Neuralink, readies large-scale brain implant trial
18:18 - Microsoft reportedly begins showing full screen Windows 11 ad on Windows 10 PCs as end of support date looms
19:23 - New Windows driver blocks software from changing default web browser
21:18 - Shoplifting crackdown to include £55m for facial recognition tools in England and Wales
22:04 - The Morning After: Amazon stops paying bonuses to Alexa developers
22:47 - Apple opens the App Store to retro game emulators
23:32 - Beeper Took On Apple’s iMessage Dominance. Now It’s Been Acquired
24:12 - Google Vids is the latest AI-powered app in Workspace
25:04 - Suicide Squad Hackers Are Somehow Playing As Deathstroke
25:53 - Alibaba founder Jack Ma re-emerges with praise of 'transformations'
26:39 - The Crew Is Reportedly Being Revoked From Ubisoft Connect Accounts
27:25 - Amazon owes $525 mln in cloud-storage patent fight, US jury says
28:22 - Meta (again) denies that Netflix read users’ private Facebook messages
29:29 - Meta will require labels on more AI-generated content
30:42 - Instagram to Blur Out Nude Images Sent to Teens in DMs
31:19 - Amid TikTok Ban Threats, ByteDance Surges In Profit
31:56 - TikTok Notes: plans for new photo-based app, reports claim
32:54 - Aosta Valley, Italy: 22 year-old French woman found dead in church was searching for ghosts, police say
33:31 - Elon Musk says his posts did more to ‘financially impair’ X than help it
34:38 - AI-generated Elon Musk videos flood YouTube with fake eclipse streams to promote crypto scams

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