0:00 - Intro
1:25 - ‘Social Order Could Collapse’ in AI Era, Two Top Japan Companies Say
2:25 - AI seen cutting worker numbers, survey by staffing company Adecco shows
3:07 - AI hardware company from Jony Ive, Sam Altman seeks $1 billion in funding
4:19 - How Texas will use AI to grade this year’s STAAR tests
5:51 - Tesla's Musk predicts AI will be smarter than the smartest human next year
7:07 - Microsoft could update Copilot to detect upcoming natural disasters. Here's how
8:00 - AI-generated pornography will disrupt the adult content industry and raise new ethical concerns
9:16 - Deepfake-generating camera can undress people automatically
10:40 - Spotify launches personalized AI playlists that you can build using prompts
12:10 - End of the Line? Saudi Arabia ‘forced to scale back’ plans for desert megacity
12:59 - Waymo will launch paid robotaxi service in Los Angeles on Wednesday
13:22 - GM’s Cruise robotaxis are back in Phoenix — but people are driving them
13:59 - Elon Musk says Tesla will unveil its robotaxi on Aug. 8; shares pop
14:50 - Air Force secretary plans to ride in AI-operated F-16 fighter aircraft this spring
16:01 - NASA Figured Out Why Its Voyager 1 Probe Has Been Glitching for Months
16:41 - 'Heavy' history: ULA launches final Delta rocket after 64 years (video, photos)
17:34 - Varda Space’s orbital drug factory success fuels $90M in new funding
18:23 - AMC Exec: We Wouldn't Have Made the Dune Popcorn Bucket if We Knew You'd Be Sickos About It
18:50 - Chechnya bans music with tempos deemed too fast or slow
19:44 - Total eclipse of the Internet: traffic impacts in Mexico, the US, and Canada
20:25 - 'Why do my eyes hurt?' Google searches spike after solar eclipse
21:54 - Bioluminescent petunias, thanks to genetics research for pharmaceuticals
22:40 - Students in Iran threatened with prosecution for graduation dance video
23:07 - 'Monopoly' Movie From Margot Robbie, Lionsgate in the Works
23:51 - High levels of lead, sodium found in Lunchables, Consumer Reports says
24:31 - EPA announces first-ever national regulations for "forever chemicals" in drinking water
25:06 - Complaints of brown water persist at Tacoma elementary school
26:20 - Record number of books targeted for bans in US
26:57 - Embattled Harvard honesty professor accused of plagiarism
27:42 - Burglar left 'large bowel movement' in victims' toilet, say Guelph, Ont. police
28:21 - Sierra Leone Declares Emergency After Addicts Dig Up Graves To Get High On Drug Made From Human Bones
29:17 - Woman claims she received stolen Jeep as a birthday tip from Waffle House customer, police say
30:11 - East CLE traffic cam issues ticket to grandmother while her van was being towed
31:28 - Naked defendant appears in court after support cat goes missing during traffic stop
33:08 - Airplane passenger fined in Sydney for urinating in a cup
33:40 - Mother and daughter accused of performing illegal butt injections arrested in sting operation in Texas
34:28 - Porch pirate disguises self in trash bag while stealing package in Sacramento, surveillance video shows
35:15 - Ontario may soon count student residences as homes
35:55 - Wait, does America suddenly have a record number of bees?
37:32 - Bird mimicking police siren at Bicester station confuses officers

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