0:00 - Intro
0:41 - GTA 6 Publisher Take-Two to Layoff 5% of its Workforce and Cancel Games
1:29 - Tesla Will Lay Off More Than 10% of Global Workforce
3:17 - Google terminates 28 employees for protest of Israeli cloud contract
4:04 - Intel axes 13th Gen Core i5, i7, i9 K-series CPUs — lineup will be discontinued by May 24th 2024
4:56 - Apple loses mantle as world’s biggest phone seller to Samsung as China sales drop
5:24 - News of the Snapdragon X Elite: Full steam ahead to laptop dominance over Intel, AMD and Apple M3
6:27 - Farmers have clamored for the Right to Repair for years. It’s getting little traction in John Deere’s home state.
7:19 - Google’s newly formed platforms and devices team is all about AI
7:57 - TSMC powers parts of Taipei with backup generators — Taiwan requests help as blackouts begin
8:39 - Telecom resists price cuts in $42 billion U.S. program to expand internet
10:08 - Elon Musk: Tesla sent incorrect severance packages to workers
10:38 - 'Full Self-Driving' Teslas Keep Slamming Into Curbs
11:10 - Apple will soon let users in the EU download apps through web sites, not just the App Store
12:02 - AltStore PAL Alternative App Marketplace Launches on iPhone in EU
12:50 - Apple removes the first iOS Game Boy emulator released under new App Store rules
13:40 - YouTube’s ad blocker crackdown now includes third-party apps
14:05 - Amazon Reportedly Ran a Secret Store to Get Intel on Its Competitors
14:45 - Discord is nuking Nintendo Switch emulator devs and their entire servers
15:21 - Epic Games proposes Google app store reforms after antitrust win
15:47 - Google One is shutting down its VPN feature later this year
16:23 - The lines between streaming and cable continue to blur
17:27 - Former video game executive sparks debate after claiming players should tip developers
18:51 - Netflix (NFLX) earnings Q1 2024
19:36 - Meta AI assistant comes to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Messenger
20:12 - Meta is adding real-time AI image generation to WhatsApp
20:47 - Facebook apologises for flagging Auschwitz Museum’s posts as violating community standards
21:35 - Meta to close Threads in Turkey to comply with injunction prohibiting data sharing with Instagram
22:08 - Elon Musk confirms that X will charge new users a temporary fee
23:09 - TikTok Will Block Users From For You Feed for 'Problematic' Content
23:43 - Reddit Reports Surge in Copyright-Related User Bans * TorrentFreak
24:13 - Your anonymous OpenTable reviews will soon display your first name
25:13 - Telegram founder: Google, Apple are the real enemies of free speech
26:29 - Trump Media shares fall, Truth Social will launch TV platform

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