0:00 - Intro
0:36 - More Google employees fired over Nimbus, Israel protests
1:21 - Google search boss Raghavan warns employees of 'new operating reality'
2:40 - Indian IT outsourcing firms cut 60,000 jobs in first layoffs in 20 years
3:32 - Elon Musk insists Tesla isn’t a car company as sales falter
4:36 - Tesla to lay off 2,688 employees at its Austin facility
5:14 - Ford just reported a massive loss on every electric vehicle it sold
6:11 - Calif. carmaker once worth $2.9B teetering on edge of bankruptcy
6:46 - Why owing a home may not be in your best interest
8:05 - Apple Reportedly Developing Its Own Custom Silicon for AI Servers
8:32 - Lenovo and Micron implement LPCAMM2 memory in laptop
9:18 - Qualcomm Is Cheating On Their Snapdragon X Elite/Pro Benchmarks
10:58 - Framework won’t be just a laptop company anymore
12:53 - Meet QDEL, the backlight-less display tech that could replace OLED in premium TVs
13:45 - iPhone sales drop 19% in China as Huawei demand soars
14:22 - Apple Cuts Vision Pro Shipments as Demand Falls 'Sharply Beyond Expectations'
14:56 - Apple Reportedly Stops Production of FineWoven Accessories
15:33 - Nvidia on verge of completing $700 million acquisition of Run:ai
16:00 - Startup Rivos raises $250 million to develop RISC-V AI chips
16:35 - Samsung shifts to emergency mode with 6-day work week for executives
17:20 - Intel CPU-dispensing vending machine game spotted in Japan — one user got a Core i7-8700 for $3
18:17 - Inside TSMC’s Phoenix, Arizona expansion struggles
20:06 - Tesla Cybertruck bricked after car wash, claims user
22:04 - Seagate makes HDD price hikes, says AI caused demand spike
22:40 - Google delays third-party cookie demise yet again
23:38 - Pluralistic: The specific process by which Google enshittified its search
24:41 - Windows 11 now comes with its own adware
25:06 - Windows 10 will start pushing users to use Microsoft accounts. How to turn it off.
25:42 - Axon reimagines report writing with Draft One, a first-of-its-kind AI-powered force multiplier for public safety
26:41 - No more refunds after 100 hours: Steam closes Early Access playtime loophole
27:26 - Spotify says Apple has rejected its app update with price information for EU users
28:19 - Manga Site Blocks Adult Content, But Only for US and UK Users
29:24 - Linux is now an option for safety-minded software-defined vehicle developers
30:43 - Huawei wants to take HarmonyOS smartphone platform worldwide
31:20 - Covenant Eyes: App that warns your loved ones if you watch porn is a hit with the Christian right in the US
32:07 - Garry’s Mod is taking down decades of Nintendo-related add-ons
33:01 - Meta loses $200 billion in value, Zuckerberg focuses on AI, metaverse
34:30 - Meta opens Quest operating system to third-party device makers
35:21 - AI Is Poisoning Reddit to Promote Products and Game Google With 'Parasite SEO'
36:54 - Australian judge bans X from sharing video of bishop being stabbed in Sydney church
38:13 - Grindr sued for allegedly sharing users' HIV status and other info with ad companies
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