0:00 - Intro
0:40 - Apple releases OpenELM: small, open source AI for devices
1:02 - Generative A.I. Arrives in the Gene Editing World of CRISPR
2:05 - The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses have multimodal AI now
2:54 - Ex-Amazon AI exec claims she was asked to ignore IP law
3:56 - Microsoft’s VASA-1 can deepfake a person with one photo and one audio track
4:34 - Adobe’s impressive AI upscaling project makes blurry videos look HD
5:14 - Meta’s not telling where it got its AI training data
5:59 - Tupac's Estate Threatens To Sue Drake Over AI-Generated Fake Vocals
6:42 - Ex-athletic director accused of framing principal with AI arrested at airport with gun
7:48 - Nurses Protest 'Deeply Troubling' Use of AI in Hospitals
8:48 - Tesla Driver Charged With Killing Motorcyclist After Turning on Autopilot and Browsing His Phone
9:38 - Hollywood Talent Agency CAA Tests AI Clones
10:13 - Amazon ends California drone deliveries
10:33 - Autonomous drone startup Zipline hits 1 million deliveries
11:38 - NASA's downed Ingenuity helicopter has a 'last gift' for humanity — but we'll have to go to Mars to get it
12:09 - Mercedes-Benz becomes first automaker to sell Level 3 autonomous vehicles in the US
12:42 - Thermonator Flamethrower Robot Dog
13:23 - NASA officially greenlights $3.35 billion mission to Saturn’s moon Titan
14:12 - NASA’s Voyager 1 Resumes Sending Engineering Updates to Earth
14:46 - NASA Veteran’s Propellantless Propulsion Drive That Physics Says Shouldn’t Work Just Produced Enough Thrust to Overcome Earth’s Gravity
15:38 - H5N1 bird flu particles found in pasteurized milk; FDA backs safety
16:24 - Police chief among 10 arrested in Horry County prostitution sting
16:56 - Milan poised to ban ice cream, pizza and more after midnight after new proposed law
17:27 - Ventura city attorney fired amid an indecent exposure investigation
18:07 - William Shatner defends using AI for hideous new album cover
18:50 - Iranian Goalie Faces Disciplinary Action After Hugging Female Fan
19:29 - Beijing half marathon winners stripped of medals after African trio let Chinese runner win
20:52 - Kanye Plans to Launch 'Yeezy Porn,' Consulting with Stormy Daniels' Ex
21:28 - Angry parents question how dancer was invited to perform for Atrisco Heritage High School prom
22:35 - Lawsuit alleges movie theaters are underfilling drinks
23:27 - 'Male' hippo in Japan zoo found to be female after 7 years
24:14 - Several military horses run loose in London and injure four
25:05 - Cicadas are so noisy in South Carolina that residents are calling the police
25:37 - Ostrich at Kansas zoo dies after swallowing staff member’s keys
26:17 - Bottlenose dolphin found fatally shot at Louisiana beach
27:01 - Rabid bat bites sleeping Kentucky boy
28:08 - Utahns reunited with pet cat they accidentally shipped with Amazon return
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