0:00 - Intro
0:24 - Tesla makes its newest cut: Interns
1:14 - Peloton to lay off 400 employees as CEO Barry McCarthy departs
1:46 - Google cuts hundreds of 'Core' workers, moves jobs to India, Mexico
2:35 - Google urges US to update immigration rules to attract more AI talent
3:17 - WEF president: 'We haven't seen this kind of debt since the Napoleonic Wars'
4:01 - Dave & Buster's to allow customers to bet on arcade games
5:52 - Even Walmart thinks American healthcare is too expensive
6:46 - Motherboard makers apparently to blame for high-end Intel Core i9 CPU failures
7:57 - U.S. chipmaker Intel was once dominant, now struggles to stay relevant
9:02 - CenturyLink left users with no service for two months, then billed them $239
10:16 - Exclusive: Tesla retreats from next-generation ‘gigacasting’ manufacturing process
11:48 - The Apple Vision Pro’s eBay prices are making me sad
12:30 - Sales of Samsung's foldable phones have nosedived in China
12:57 - The world's largest 3D printer is at a university in Maine. It just unveiled an even bigger one
13:58 - Satellite operator SES acquiring Intelsat in $3.1 billion deal
14:44 - Razer made a million dollars selling a mask with RGB, and the FTC is not pleased
15:31 - Rabbit R1 First Impressions: How I've Been Using the Handheld AI Assistant So Far
16:36 - Google’s payments to Apple reached $20 billion in 2022, antitrust court documents show
17:27 - Windows 10 reaches 70% market share as Windows 11 keeps declining
17:55 - Microsoft says April Windows updates break VPN connections
18:18 - Bill Gates Is Still Pulling Strings at Microsoft, Overseeing AI Ideas
20:18 - Roblox players to start seeing video ads in its virtual realms
21:04 - Huawei Secretly Backs US Research, Awarding Millions in Prizes
21:52 - RISC-V support in Android just got a big setback
22:36 - Google Phone app rolling out 'Audio Emoji' feature
23:06 - Apple working to fix alarming iPhone issue
24:11 - Switching Your Credit Card May Not Stop a Streaming Service's Recurring Charges
25:49 - Walmart and Roblox are teaming up to make virtual e-commerce a reality
26:46 - Amazon says its Prime deliveries are getting even faster
27:25 - Systemd wants to expand to include a sudo replacement
28:49 - Photo-sharing community EyeEm will license users’ photos to train AI if they don’t delete them
29:38 - HouseFresh disappeared from Google Search results. Now what?
32:23 - Encrypted email service files complaint over Google results
33:51 - Spotify just hid song lyrics behind its subscription
34:26 - Tens of millions secretly use WhatsApp despite bans
35:21 - Instagram Goes After Accounts That Only Repost Other People's Content
36:28 - A Lawsuit Argues Meta Is Required by Law to Let You Control Your Own Feed

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