0:00 - Intro
0:25 - Major U.S. newspapers sue Microsoft, OpenAI for copyright infringement
1:35 - Online education stocks CHGG and COUR tank on ChatGPT threat
2:35 - Cisco Systems joins Microsoft, IBM in Vatican pledge to ensure ethical use and development of AI
3:06 - Catholic Org 'Defrocks' AI Priest 'Fr. Justin' After It Ok's Baptizing a Baby in Gatorade
4:07 - Meet Stickbug: New six-arm pollinating bot lives in greenhouses
4:41 - Miniature robotic bees navigate swarm flight autonomously
5:58 - DARPA unleashes 20-foot autonomous robo-tank with glowing green eyes
7:12 - NASA's Psyche sends back engineering data via laser beam
7:58 - Japan's Moon lander makes it through another lunar night
8:32 - China's Moon atlas is the most detailed ever made
8:54 - Hubble Network makes Bluetooth connection with a satellite for the first time
9:28 - FAA probes union claims Boeing retaliated against two engineers in 2022
9:57 - Whistleblower Josh Dean of Boeing supplier Spirit AeroSystems has died
10:44 - Russia vetoes US-backed UN resolution to ban nuclear weapons in space
11:29 - Two lifeforms merge into one for first time in a billion years
12:30 - Saudi Arabia activist sentenced to 11 years in prison for ‘support’ of women’s rights
13:11 - Michigan Cop Who Went On Racist Rant Hired By Police Department
14:03 - NYPD union sues mayor's administration over new ‘zero tolerance’ policy on officer steroid use
14:49 - Man arrested for 12th OWI
15:40 - Southern California deputy caught with 100 pounds of fentanyl was working for El Chapo's cartel, report says
16:08 - Teen Who Beat Teaching Aide Over Nintendo Switch Confiscation Sues School For “Failing To Meet His Needs”
17:51 - Yakuza lieutenant arrested in Tokyo for stealing Pokémon cards
18:15 - New York Mets fan removed from $1 hot dog night after fans throw extra hot dogs at him
19:15 - Why a Girl Scout's project was censored by the Hanover Board of Supervisors
20:46 - Kansas Senate retreats from effort to deregulate pubic hair removal
21:37 - Cigna Pressured Her to Review Patients’ Cases Too Quickly, Says Former Cigna Medical Director
23:37 - WallyGator: Emotional support alligator taken and released in swamp
24:45 - North Carolina child’s ‘monster in the closet’ was in fact 50,000 bees in the wall
25:52 - Kristi Noem defends killing puppy
26:48 - Yellowstone tourist kicks bison in its leg before it turns and injures him, rangers say
27:12 - Rodeo bullfighter helps wrangle 3 escaped zebras in Washington state as 1 remains on the loose
27:43 - Duck flock becomes accidental meal for Seattle zoo bears
28:37 - Service dog removed from Ontario home because it got too fat

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