0:00 - Intro
0:47 - FTX Customers Poised to Recover All Funds Lost in Collapse
2:43 - PlayStation Reverses Course on Helldivers 2 PSN Account Requirement
6:17 - Microsoft's Xbox Cuts Aren't Over Yet, Report Says
7:07 - Deepfakes of your dead loved ones are a booming Chinese business
9:08 - Google will exit prominent San Francisco waterfront office tower
13:34 - Smart lighting company Brilliant is looking for a buyer
14:56 - Venture firms double, then halve, in stunning reversal
15:44 - Boeing says workers skipped required tests on 787 but recorded work as completed
16:05 - Microsoft Closes Redfall Developer Arkane Austin, Hi-Fi Rush Developer Tango Gameworks, and More in Devastating Cuts at Bethesda
17:11 - Google Fit API shutdown set, fate of Android app unannounced
18:13 - San Francisco is seeing an uptick in complaints about 'bed pods'
21:09 - Apple (AAPL) earnings report Q2 2024
21:34 - Tesla Quietly Removes All U.S. Job Postings
23:10 - Google staffers question execs over 'decline in morale' after earnings
24:32 - Dell to color-code staff based on how hybrid they really are
26:40 - Apple to Power iOS 18 AI Features With In-House Server Mac Chips This Year
29:01 - Raspberry Pis get a built-in remote-access tool: Raspberry Pi Connect
30:14 - Apple slammed over iPad Pro 'Crush' ad: 'fascist aesthetic'
33:09 - Apple announces M4 with more CPU cores and AI focus, just months after M3
34:17 - Nintendo Confirms It Will Announce Switch Successor Console ‘Within This Fiscal Year'
34:51 - Apple unveils stunning new iPad Pro with M4 chip and Apple Pencil Pro
35:29 - Apple quietly kills the old-school iPad and its headphone jack
35:29 - Elon Musk’s Neuralink reports trouble with first human brain chip
36:43 - Hertz Charges Tesla Model 3 Renter $277 Gas Fee, Won’t Back Down
38:20 - U.S. libraries are battling high prices for better e-book access
41:26 - Prime Video subs will soon see ads for Amazon products when they hit pause
42:26 - Stack Overflow is feeding programmers’ answers to AI, whether they like it or not
43:01 - Pokémon Go Players Invent Fake Beaches on Real Maps to Catch Rare Wigletts
43:50 - Cogent Communications Offers $206 Million in Secured Notes Backed by IPv4 Addresses
44:29 - Microsoft wipes out evidence of real ads in Windows 11 Start menu
45:53 - Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery to Launch Disney+, Hulu, Max Bundle
46:11 - Sonos says its controversial app redesign took ‘courage’
47:07 - Dell discloses data breach of customers' physical addresses
47:49 - US Patent and Trademark Office confirms another leak of filers' address data
48:09 - Ransomware crooks SIM swap kids to pressure parents
48:50 - US, UK police identify and charge Russian leader of LockBit ransomware gang
49:22 - Apple’s iPhone Spyware Problem Is Getting Worse. Here’s What You Should Know
50:10 - Novel attack against virtually all VPN apps neuters their entire purpose
51:26 - Police resurrect LockBit's site and troll the ransomware gang
52:04 - An insulin pump software bug has injured over 200 people
52:54 - Cyberattack disrupts operations at major US health care network
53:21 - B.C. mother targeted by AI phone scam initially convinced it was her son

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