0:00 - Intro
0:31 - Best Buy is laying off more employees as it reckons with falling sales
2:18 - NYT Union Urges Management Reconsider Cuts to Art Department
2:45 - United Airlines launches personalized ads on seat-back screens
4:03 - Want to pay cash? That’ll cost you extra
5:55 - Germany sees company bankruptcies soar
7:36 - Nvidia takes 88% of the GPU market share, crushing Intel's grasp into nothingness
8:11 - Chipmaker Intel to halt $25-billion Israel plant, news website says
9:13 - Flow claims it can 100x any CPU's power with its companion chip and some elbow grease
10:15 - Arm says it wants all Snapdragon X Elite laptops destroyed
11:32 - HP CEO: Printed pages are down 20% since pandemic
12:53 - `Raspberry Pi is now a public company
13:40 - One-Line Patch For Intel Meteor Lake Yields Up To 72% Better Performance, +7% Geo Mean
14:19 - Roku TV owners complain that motion smoothing is stuck ‘on’ after an update
15:38 - Musk, SpaceX sued by former employees alleging harassment, retaliation
16:46 - Apple and OpenAI aren’t paying each other yet, says Bloomberg
19:03 - Apple is bringing RCS to the iPhone in iOS 18
19:38 - Google’s abuse of Fitbit continues with web app shutdown
21:23 - Google is ready to fill free streaming TV channels with ads
22:02 - Microsoft postpones Windows Recall after major backlash — will launch Copilot+ PCs without headlining AI feature
23:50 - Mastercard to phase out card entry for e-commerce by 2030 in Europe
24:39 - Call of Duty: Black Ops 6's enormous 309GB download "not representative of a typical player install experience"
25:51 - "Un-contract" customers enraged as T-Mobile unlocks its price-lock with new rate hikes
26:49 - Ancient Rom Site Forced To Remove Sega, Sony, Nintendo Games
27:37 - YouTuber charged over video of helicopter shooting fireworks at Lamborghini
28:29 - YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
29:30 - YouTube announces new restrictions on gun videos
30:48 - Pew: A growing number of Americans are getting their news from TikTok
32:04 - The word ‘bot’ is increasingly being used as an insult on social media

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