0:00 - Intro
0:16 - Apple brings ChatGPT to its apps, including Siri
0:53 - Craig Federighi says Apple hopes to add Google Gemini and other AI models to iOS 18
1:15 - Tim Cook is ‘not 100 percent’ sure Apple can stop AI hallucinations
1:50 - Adobe’s new terms of service say it won’t train AI on customers’ work
3:08 - SoftBank’s new AI makes angry customers sound calm on phone
3:56 - The Rise and Fall of BNN Breaking, an AI-Generated News Outlet
5:12 - Survey finds payoff from AI projects is 'dismal'
7:23 - New Stable Diffusion 3 release excels at AI-generated body horror
9:12 - Elon Musk drops lawsuit after OpenAI published his emails
10:20 - OpenAI Bolsters Lobbying Arm Amid Regulatory Pressure
11:08 - What Do Google’s AI Answers Cost the Environment?
11:43 - Clearview AI Used Your Face. Now You May Get a Stake in the Company.
12:13 - AI Generated Models Star in New Virtual Beauty Pageant
13:04 - Photographer Disqualified From AI Image Contest After Winning With Real Photo
13:41 - Waymo issues software and mapping recall after robotaxi crashes into a telephone pole
15:06 - Dutch police tests AI-powered autonomous robot dogs for drug raids
15:40 - World’s 1st pediatric robotic brain surgery performed on Oklahoma girl
16:20 - Tesla claims it has 2 Optimus humanoid robots working autonomously in factory
17:52 - SpaceX wants to build 1 Starship megarocket a day with new Starfactory
18:43 - Four Tops star says hospital put him in straitjacket and ordered psychological examination after not believing he was famous singer
19:50 - Conn. town to pay $100K after Kendrick Lamar video shown in class
20:59 - Bike Share Toronto urges riders to 'wipe down seats' if renting bike for naked ride
21:36 - North Dakota sets age limit for US Congressional candidates
22:39 - Pope Francis accused of repeating homophobic slur that prompted Vatican apology
23:02 - MTG Claims Gas Prices Will Be Higher Due To EVs
23:49 - California teacher arrested for DUI, child endangerment to face no charges: "It is not illegal to teach drunk."
25:02 - General election: Count Binface and Elmo return to stand against Sunak and Starmer
26:26 - Prosecutor won't file criminal charges over purchase of $19K lectern by Arkansas governor's office
27:25 - Florida school board bans book about book bans
28:09 - IDF forces use 15th-century weapon against Hezbollah
28:57 - Man named Optimus Prime arrested for car theft in south Austin
30:07 - Unaware she was pregnant, Virginia mom has a 'miracle birth' at Taco Bell
30:30 - 'Thought it was a big nut': Mumbai doctor on finding human finger in ice cream
31:10 - A real nut case: Cold Stone Creamery faces suit over lack of real pistachios in pistachio ice cream
32:09 - Emerging Psychedelic Mushroom Alternative More Toxic Than Fentanyl, New Research Suggests
33:03 - Banana giant Chiquita held liable by US court for funding paramilitaries
34:07 - Samyang: Denmark recalls Korean ramen for being too spicy
35:28 - PFAS drinking water rule challenged by utility lobby groups
36:27 - Low-calorie sweetener xylitol linked to heart attack and stroke, study says
37:30 - Researchers plan to retract landmark Alzheimer’s paper containing doctored images
38:09 - Oregon Ridge wildlife habitat mistakenly mowed, fueling outrage
39:02 - Woman mauled to death posted video of her dancing with XL bully to song saying 'I don't 'give a f***' about the breed being banned
39:42 - Pigeon problems: German town votes to have birds killed, outraging animal rights’ activists
40:59 - African elephants address one another with individually specific name-like calls
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