0:00 - Intro
0:39 - McDonald's is ending its drive-thru AI test
1:59 - Perplexity Is a Bullcrap Machine
3:30 - OpenAI's Ilya Sutskever launches 'safe superintelligence' AI firm
4:49 - OpenAI CEO says company could become for-profit corporation, The Information reports
5:45 - GPT-4 has passed the Turing test, researchers claim
6:50 - Former Snap engineer launches Butterflies, a social network where AIs and humans coexist
7:54 - China’s DeepSeek Coder becomes first open-source coding model to beat GPT-4 Turbo
8:20 - Meta has created a way to watermark AI-generated speech
8:55 - Ukraine is using AI to manage the removal of Russian landmines
9:35 - AI Images in Google Search Results Have Opened a Portal to Hell
10:49 - Authorities Investigating AI Running for Mayor in Wyoming
11:37 - Mich. GOP candidate apologizes for 'disrespectful' AI-generated MLK Jr endorsement video
12:52 - London premiere of movie with AI-generated script cancelled after backlash
13:17 - Ukrainian robot drone tanks get Starlink power to battle Russia
13:52 - Future of Warfare: Pentagon Building Kamikaze AI Drones
14:59 - Public servants uneasy as government 'spy' robot prowls federal offices
16:13 - China’s next-gen sexbots powered by AI are about to hit the shelves
17:13 - Boeing Starliner: Two astronauts wait to come home amid spacecraft issues
18:12 - Human missions to Mars in doubt after astronaut kidney shrinkage revealed
19:10 - Astronomers detect sudden awakening of black hole 1m times mass of sun
19:51 - Voyager 1 makes stellar comeback to science operations
20:30 - Microplastics discovered in human penises for the first time
21:16 - $2.4 million Texas home listing boasts built-in 5,786 sq ft data center with full liquid cooling immersion system, no bedrooms
22:14 - Awful News: High School Cancels Basketball Game to be Played by Women in Thongs
23:08 - Mysterious metal monolith shows up in Las Vegas after reappearing in Wales
23:49 - Vermont lawmaker apologizes for dousing colleague’s bag
24:46 - Louisiana classrooms now required by law to display the Ten Commandments
25:40 - Secret Service agent robbed at gunpoint during Biden's Los Angeles trip
26:19 - Just Stop Oil targets Taylor Swift’s jet – and fails to locate it
27:25 - Philippines accuses China of using bladed weapons in major South China Sea escalation
28:50 - Ohio attorney suspended over throwing poop-filled Pringles cans has license reinstated
30:17 - Mom Defends Her Decision Not To Return the Shopping Cart Despite Backlash
32:11 - Biotech companies are trying to make milk without cows
33:54 - Waffle House servers are getting a raise - to $3 an hour
34:55 - Wear it, then recycle: Designers make dissolvable textiles from gelatin
35:49 - Radio trackers placed on rare beetles across Dartmoor
37:04 - Collecting sex-crazed zombie cicadas on speed: Scientists track a bug-controlling super-sized fungus
38:55 - Bear shreds seats then dozes off after breaking into Canadian woman’s car

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