0:00 - Intro
0:59 - Multiple AI companies bypassing web standard to scrape publisher sites, licensing firm says
2:07 - Open Source LibreChat Offers More Than Just Extra LLMs
2:46 - OpenAI CTO: AI Could Kill Some Creative Jobs That Maybe Shouldn't Exist Anyway
3:39 - Researchers upend AI status quo by eliminating matrix multiplication in LLMs
4:43 - OpenAI to pull plug on 'unsupported' nations from July 9
5:17 - Google is bringing Gemini access to teens using their school accounts
5:46 - YouTube Reportedly in Talks With Record Labels to License Songs for AI
6:26 - Major record labels sue AI company behind ‘BBL Drizzy’
8:13 - Opinion: As AI is embraced, what happens to the artists whose work was stolen to build it
8:52 - AI dataset licensing companies form trade group
9:37 - Toys “R” Us riles critics with “first-ever” AI-generated commercial using Sora
10:47 - Google AI Uses Enough Electricity in 1 Second to Charge 7 Electric Cars
11:18 - Microsoft: 'Skeleton Key' Jailbreak Can Trick Major Chatbots Into Behaving Badly
12:20 - NBC to use AI-generated version of Al Michaels' voice during Summer Olympics
13:05 - Company cuts costs by replacing 60-strong writing team with AI
15:21 - An influencer’s AI clone started offering fans ‘mind-blowing sexual experiences’ without her knowledge
16:29 - Zuckerberg disses closed-source AI competitors as trying to 'create God'
17:17 - Scientists Attached Living, Lab-Grown Skin to a Robot's Face and It Looks Like It Craves the Sweet Release of Death
18:26 - Waymo's autonomous ride-hailing service now available to all in San Francisco
18:55 - Apple wants to replace 50% of iPhone final assembly line workers with automation
20:21 - S. Korea administrative robot defunct after apparent suicide
21:47 - China Becomes First Country to Retrieve Rocks From Moon’s Far Side With Chang’e-6
22:51 - Starliner to remain docked to the ISS into July
23:37 - Dark matter: How primordial black holes could explain a long-standing mystery
24:39 - ISS astronauts take shelter in Boeing Starliner and other return spacecraft after June 26 satellite breakup
28:08 - MTV News Website Goes Dark, Archives Pulled Offline
29:08 - Wizards Of The Coast Accused Of Using Hillary Clinton As Model For New Dungeons & Dragons Paladin
30:14 - Clothes, cookware, floss: Colorado law to ban everyday products with PFAS
31:13 - FDA warns company selling products with human fecal matter without approval
31:51 - Elon Musk confirms 12th child as he and Shivon Zilis welcomed new baby earlier this year
32:42 - Supreme Court wipes out anti-corruption law that bars officials from taking gifts for past favors
34:36 - Historic Butler Island Plantation near Darien on fire
35:40 - Pennsylvania porch pirates fight over same package in doorbell camera video
37:13 - Flipkart calls customer after 6 years over pending order: ‘what issue are you facing?’
38:00 - Neom: Saudi forces 'told to kill' to clear land for eco-city
38:57 - Maldives climate minister arrested for performing 'black magic' on President Muizzu
39:43 - Millions of mosquitoes released in Hawaii to save rare birds from extinction
40:33 - Rhinos get radioactive horns, will trigger nuclear alarms if poached
41:26 - Ronaldo the 6ft 'male' snake gives birth to 14 babies in rare 'virgin birth'
42:06 - Liskeard postal workers hampered by dive-bombing seagulls
42:50 - B.C. couple teaches rescued rats to drive tiny cars
44:15 - Llama golf caddies have North Carolina tourism on the upswing
45:18 - A pet donkey disappeared in California five years ago. He's been spotted living with a herd of wild elk

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