0:00 - Intro
1:03 - Biden administration provides $504 million to support 12 technology hubs nationwide
2:01 - Supreme Court Puts Biden Policies Like Net Neutrality and Ban on Noncompete Contracts at Risk
4:54 - Supreme Court orders new look at social media laws in Texas and Florida
6:04 - Supreme Court to Hear Case on Texas Law Restricting Access to Porn
7:45 - Appeals court seems lost on how Internet Archive harms publishers
10:33 - FCC chair asks telecoms companies to prove they're actually trying to stop political AI robocalls
11:40 - Google, Snap, Meta and many others are "quietly" changing privacy policies to allow for AI training
12:09 - Federal judge partially blocks U.S. ban on noncompetes
13:41 - FTC warns three PC tech companies of potential warranty violations
15:01 - Mississippi law restricting children's social media use blocked
15:30 - Gov. Landry vetoes bill banning “deepfakes” in Louisiana. Here’s why
16:46 - Arkansas AG warns Temu isn't like Amazon or Walmart: 'It's a theft business'
17:53 - Uber and Lyft must pay Massachusetts rideshare drivers $32 an hour
19:24 - Canada 'sleepwalking' into cashless society, consumer advocates warn
20:42 - EU Competition Commissioner says Apple’s decision to pull AI from EU shows anticompetitive behaviour
21:22 - Exclusive: Nvidia set to face French antitrust charges, sources say
22:38 - Britain’s Brewing Battle Over Data Centers
24:16 - Number of girls in England taking computing GCSE plummets, study finds
25:35 - Europol says mobile roaming tech is hampering crimefighters
27:11 - Swiss Broadcasting Corporation to pull plug on FM radio
28:00 - Two of the German military’s new spy satellites appear to have failed in orbit
29:11 - Spain introduces porn passport to stop kids from watching smut
30:03 - Japan declares victory in effort to end government use of floppy disks
30:55 - China Plans Broader Push to Develop Tech Like Musk’s Neuralink
31:48 - Indonesia President Orders Audit of Data Centres After Cyberattack
32:12 - Apple bows to Kremlin pressure to remove leading VPNs from Russian AppStore
32:49 - Brazil data regulator bans Meta from mining data to train AI models
33:11 - Meta defends charging fee for privacy amid showdown with EU
33:51 - Meta is connecting Threads more deeply with the fediverse
35:09 - Why Are Mechanics ‘Officially’ Blocked From Fixing Cars?
36:41 - YouTube now lets you request removal of AI-generated content that simulates your face or voice
37:29 - YouTube's updated eraser tool removes copyrighted music without impacting other audio
38:28 - Angela Zhang, professor: ‘In China, the addiction of apps like TikTok, Temu or Shein has been driven to perfection’

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