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1:19 - Info on 1.8M Chicago voters was publicly accessible, but now removed from cloud service
2:18 - AT&T's attempt to stall Google Fiber construction thrown out by judge
4:10 - U.S. judge says LinkedIn cannot block startup from public profile data
5:38 - WannaCry hero Marcus Hutchins pleads not guilty
6:58 - Researcher finds Marcus Hutchins' code that was used in malware
8:53 - Net neutrality comments top 20 million
10:33 - Top Lawmakers Call for Independent Investigation Into FCC's Shady Cyberattack Claims
12:08 - 72% of Consumers Don't Know What Net Neutrality Is
13:29 - Former FCC Commissioner Tries To Claim Net Neutrality Has Aided The Rise Of White Supremacy
15:18 - AT&T's $85 Billion Time Warner Merger is Going to be Approved
16:40 - How A Pop Song Could Watch You Through Your TV
17:37 - U.S. Military to Create Separate Unified Cyber Warfare Command
18:03 - Google explains why it banned the app for Gab, a right-wing Twitter rival
20:04 - How hackers are targeting the shipping industry
22:13 - Secret chips in replacement parts can completely hijack your phone's security
23:56 - Hacker Decrypts Apple's Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) Firmware
25:20 - Unpatchable Flaw Affects Most of Today's Modern Cars
27:20 - Thai Activist Jailed for the Crime of Sharing an Article on Facebook
28:31 - The Justice Department is demanding information on visitors to an anti-Trump website
33:02 - Intel Officially Reveals Post-8th Generation Core Architecture Code Name: Ice Lake, Built on 10nm+
34:52 - Hyundai plans long-range premium electric car in strategic shift
35:49 - A 'Netflix tax'? Yes, and it's already a thing in some states
37:40 - Motorola patented a display that can heal its own cracked screen with heat
38:33 - Chatbot helps students choose courses
40:19 - Bitcoin Is Splitting Once Again
41:28 - Ethereum Announces Metropolis Hard Fork Coming Late September
41:58 - Bitcoin faces regulations crackdown by third Asia Pacific country
43:19 - Study: Higher minimum wages bring automation and job losses
44:25 - Toyota Patents Cloaking Device to Make Car Pillars Appear Transparent
45:40 - Waymo Patent Shows Plans to Replace Steering Wheel & Pedals with Push Buttons
46:59 - Record-sized data centre planned inside Arctic Circle
48:56 - Hollywood, Apple Said to Mull Rental Plan, Defying Theaters
50:52 - Netflix Co-Founder's Crazy Plan: Pay $10 a Month, Go to the Movies All You Want
51:43 - Barclays Puts in Sensors to See Which Bankers Are at Their Desks
53:01 - The Lightweight Browser: Firefox Focus Does Less, Which Is So Much More
54:52 - Tiny robots crawl through mouse's stomach to heal ulcers
55:56 - Australian Scientists Just Worked Out How Zinc-Air Batteries Can Replace Lithium-Ion Batteries
57:32 - Trajectories of energy drink consumption and subsequent drug use during young adulthood
58:15 - Scientists Finally Unlock the Recipe For Magic Mushrooms
59:14 - Plants 'hijacked' to make polio vaccine
1:00:11 - Swedish company's device cleans clothes without laundry detergent
1:01:27 - Implantable "Neural Dust" Enables Precise Wireless Recording of Nerve Activity
1:03:00 - Pepper the robot to don Buddhist robe for its new funeral services role
1:04:30 - 51% Of People Think Stormy Weather Affects 'Cloud Computing'
1:06:02 - Memories of fear could be permanently erased, study shows

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