For this video we re-used the 7700k and the 1800x from the previous video, configured the same.

We also added a 1080Ti to the Ryzen system to see if we could push the fps up to see if "thats too many fps for gta to handle" was part of the problem we were seeing on the intel system (e.g. so many fps = stutters as we've seen on like 4 core gta v systems).

Interestingly, the intel numbers on the graph look somewhat smoother and more consistent than the Ryzen system EXCEPT for the stutters that last ~100ms. We can see the stutters in both canned benchmarks and real playthroughs at 1080p on GTA V.

We think GTA V is probably just crap to test at high fps, but we're not 100% sure what to make of it.

We looked for correlation between the stutters and many things we could log in the system. We also checked input lag or input latency and built a mouse to help us measure input lag and confirmed it seems identical between systems on the three games we tested.

USB was set to 1000hz

Interestingly, the CPU utilization was not pegged at 100% according to the graph on either system.

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