00:00 Intro

00:20 Post Bump Level 1 Plug

00:45 User Border Agents checking Facebook Profiles

02:28 Google ordered to give over Foreign Emails

5:00 2K wins right to store biometric facial data

07:16 Cops use pacemaker data to charge homeowner with arson

10:43 Weekly Patch Update: Windows Exploit

11:43 Ransomware shuts down Ohio town government

12:17 New Chairman of the FCC

17:02 FCC Followup article

17:50 Telstra tests fast Gigabit LTE

19:28 New York sues Charter over internet speeds

21:50 Google quietly makes "optional" web DRM mandatory in Chrome

25:02 Windows DRM files used to Decloak Tor Browser Users

26:20 OPNsense 17.1

26:45 Hacker Pwned over 150,000 Printers

27:35 Oculus lawsuit ends with half billion dollar judgement awarded to ZeniMax

31:49 Valve and game publishers face EU probe for geo-blocking

35:07 Lawsuit claims Apple forced users to iOS 7 by breaking FaceTime

36:57 Nvidia stops promotional game resales by tying codes to hardware

38:00 LG 5K Monitor doesn't work well around routers

39:26 Robot Barista

42:08 AI playing Poker

44:55 Flu Detecting Breathalyzer

45:53 Krista Design Special-- we meant to talk about the web aspect too. oops.

55:06 Outro
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