0:00 - Intro
0:48 - TSMC cancels chip price cuts and promises $100bn investment surge
1:51 - Arm Takes Aim at Intel Chips in Biggest Tech Overhaul in Decade
3:19 - Amazon Explored Opening Home Goods, Electronics Discount Stores
4:28 - Amazon loses effort to install camera to watch ballot box in union vote
6:46 - Google Promises Not to Muzzle Staff on Pay, Settling Labor Case
8:07 - Microsoft wins contract to make modified HoloLens for U.S. Army
9:58 - Apple Aiming to Announce Mixed-Reality Headset With In-Person Event in 'Next Several Months'
11:17 - Coinbase To Begin Trading April 14 With Direct Listing on Nasdaq
12:40 - SCO Linux FUD returns from the dead
15:16 - SEGA Lawyers Demand "Immediate Suspension" of Steam Database Over Alleged Piracy
17:36 - Can the NBA make NFTs cool?
21:35 - SpaceX SN11 explodes during test flight
23:34 - T-Mobile Cuts Its Own TV Cord, Moves to Partner With YouTube TV
25:36 - Spotify jumps into social audio, acquires sports-focused live audio app
26:55 - PayPal Launches Checkout With Crypto Service
28:12 - Bitcoin (BTC USD) Cryptocurrency Price Rises With Ethereum (ETH) on Visa News
29:51 - Box office: ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ sets global pandemic record
32:13 - OSI Response to RMS’s reappointment to the Board of the Free Software Foundation
35:10 - Tesla broke US labor law with anti-union efforts – watchdog
35:56 - Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi to make EVs using Great Wall's plant
37:08 - Amazon Drops Plan to Track Mask Wearing by Drivers With Cameras
38:31 - Swiss robots use UV light to zap viruses aboard passenger planes
41:15 - Microsoft shuts down Cortana on iOS and Android
44:30 - OpenAI’s text-generating system GPT-3 is now spewing out 4.5 billion words a day
45:24 - Tesla's "Full Self Driving" Beta Is Just Laughably Bad and Potentially Dangerous
47:51 - Watch artificial intelligence grow a walking caterpillar in Minecraft
49:18 - Boston Dynamics’ New Robot Doesn’t Dance. It Has a Warehouse Job

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