1:24 - Fire dept. rejects Verizon's "customer support mistake" excuse for throttling
4:33 - Procter & Gamble bids to trademark LOL, WTF and other acronyms
7:43 - Tesla Model 3 teardown reveals build quality concerns
10:20 - A Tesla Model S caught on fire on the highway after 'hitting a component' that fell off a truck
11:41 - Tesla hit Model 3 target by reworking thousands of cars
13:13 - Tesla Will Not Go Private, Elon Musk Says, Capping Month of Turmoil
15:31 - JPMorgan slashes Tesla stock price target
17:38 - Netflix is the latest company to try bypassing Apple's app store
19:28 - Microsoft Hit With U.S. Bribery Probe Over Deals in Hungary
21:42 - Walmart Launches Ebook, Audiobook Store Via Kobo Partnership
23:52 - Steam gets built-in tools to let you run Windows games on Linux - now available in beta
25:24 - GOG Launches FCKDRM to Promote DRM-Free Art and Media
27:10 - You Spend More Than 5 Hours Each Week Checking Your E-Mail
29:49 - Nvidia RTX 2070, RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Ti GPUs revealed: specs, price, release date - Polygon
30:42 - Why You Shouldn't Buy Nvidia's RTX 20-Series Graphics Cards (Yet), or maybe you should? I don't know, man.
34:54 - Tech Companies Are Gathering For A Secret Meeting To Prepare A 2018 Election Strategy
36:41 - Twitter Beats Censorship Lawsuit by Banned White Nationalist
39:36 - Elon Musk appears to have deleted his Instagram account
41:09 - Homeless again, Johnny Bobbitt can't get his GoFundMe money
45:03 - Facebook is rating the trustworthiness of its users on a scale from zero to 1
50:56 - Man sues over Google's "Location History" fiasco, case could affect millions
53:01 - Google's data collection is hard to escape, study claims
54:58 - Epic's first Fortnite Installer allowed hackers to download and install anything on your Android phone silently
57:05 - Use Debian? Want Intel's latest CPU patch? Small print sparks big problem
1:00:07 - Apple removes Facebook Onavo app from App Store
1:01:06 - Spyware Company Leaves 'Terabytes' of Selfies, Text Messages, and Location Data Exposed Online
1:02:20 - Millions of Texas voter records exposed online
1:03:50 - Hackers Stole Personal Data of 2 Million T-Mobile Customers
1:05:19 - 23andMe cuts off API access to outside developers
1:06:49 - Airmail 3 Exploit Instantly Steals Info from Apple Users
1:08:24 - 'Legacy system' exposed Black Hat 2018 attendees' contact information
1:09:46 - Bitdefender Disables Anti-Exploit Monitoring in Chrome After Google Policy Change
1:11:23 - Colorado Prepares to Install "Smart Road" Product by Integrated Roadways
1:14:23 - Data dump: China sees surge in personal information up for sale
1:16:00 - North Korean Hackers Hit Cryptocurrency Exchange with macOS Malware
1:16:29 - The first piece of AI-generated art to come to auction
1:19:13 - Autonomous underwater robot hunts and harvests massively invasive lionfish
1:21:40 - A university is outfitting living spaces with thousands of Echo Dots
1:24:13 - Google just put an AI in charge of keeping its data centers cool
1:26:20 - Zoox Startup Suddenly Removes CEO
1:27:49 - Kalashnikov Unveils Walking Robot Concept
1:30:54 - Department of Justice Reveals 'Glitch' Shielded Officials From Public Scrutiny
1:32:37 - Feared DNC hack was actually a third-party security test
1:34:47 - Smart meter readings are a valid 'warrantless search,' court rules
1:37:47 - Australia bans Huawei and ZTE from supplying technology for its 5G network
1:39:24 - Sydney airport seizure of phone and laptop 'alarming', say privacy groups
1:40:12 - Woman sues US border agents over seized iPhone
1:41:27 - Texas ISP slams music biz for trying to turn it into a 'copyright cop'
1:44:35 - L.A. County gets state approval of new vote-counting system using open source software
1:45:56 - Senators Demand Voting Machine Vendor Explain Why It Dismisses Researchers Prodding Its Devices
1:47:31 - Airbnb sues New York City to block user-data bill over privacy
1:48:40 - NSA leaker who mailed doc outlining Russian hacking gets 5 years in prison
1:50:10 - China shuts down blockchain news accounts, bans hotels in Beijing from hosting cryptocurrency events
1:51:39 - Apple Pulls Illegal Apps Targeted by Chinese State Media
1:53:03 - China's first 'fully homegrown' web browser found to be Google Chrome clone
1:55:20 - China's Xi says ideology work 'absolutely correct' amid trade row criticism
1:57:04 - Gaming addict lost Welsh accent after only communicating with internationals online
1:58:46 - Apple's Amsterdam store evacuated after iPad battery explodes

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