0:48 - Department of Justice Reveals 'Glitch' Shielded Officials From Public Scrutiny
2:31 - Feared DNC hack was actually a third-party security test
4:41 - Smart meter readings are a valid 'warrantless search,' court rules
7:41 - Australia bans Huawei and ZTE from supplying technology for its 5G network
9:18 - Sydney airport seizure of phone and laptop 'alarming', say privacy groups
10:06 - Woman sues US border agents over seized iPhone
11:21 - Texas ISP slams music biz for trying to turn it into a 'copyright cop'
14:29 - L.A. County gets state approval of new vote-counting system using open source software
15:50 - Senators Demand Voting Machine Vendor Explain Why It Dismisses Researchers Prodding Its Devices
17:25 - Airbnb sues New York City to block user-data bill over privacy
18:34 - NSA leaker who mailed doc outlining Russian hacking gets 5 years in prison
20:04 - China shuts down blockchain news accounts, bans hotels in Beijing from hosting cryptocurrency events
21:33 - Apple Pulls Illegal Apps Targeted by Chinese State Media
22:57 - China's first 'fully homegrown' web browser found to be Google Chrome clone
25:14 - China's Xi says ideology work 'absolutely correct' amid trade row criticism
26:58 - Gaming addict lost Welsh accent after only communicating with internationals online
28:40 - Apple's Amsterdam store evacuated after iPad battery explodes
30:06 - IGN Pulls Ex-Editor's Posts After Dozens More Plagiarism Accusations Surface
31:12 - Huawei gets caught faking DSLR shots as smartphone pictures in a commercial
32:41 - Porn Website Tube8 to Launch Blockchain Platform, Reward Views With Crypto Tokens
34:18 - Elon Musk Reduces Twitter Use, Specifically by Unfollowing Grimes
35:26 - Woman Invites Dozens Of Men On Same Tinder Date, Asks Them To Compete For Her
37:05 - Azerbaijani model announces plans to auction off her virgiity
39:09 - Russian woman faces 6 years in jail for reposting memes
41:32 - Indiana high school student arrested after posting zombie video game clip to Facebook
44:28 - Phishing scam claims recall on exploding Barclays credit cards
45:52 - On This United Airlines Flight, an Emotional Support Animal Had Its Own Emotional Support Animal

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