0:54 - Ajit Pai's FCC gives carriers option to block text messages
2:24 - FCC panel wants to tax Internet-using businesses and give the money to ISPs
4:34 - At least one major carrier lied about its 4G coverage, FCC review finds
6:26 - California considers text messaging tax to fund cell service for low-income residents
8:04 - Comcast rejected by small town—residents vote for municipal fiber instead
10:12 - Watchdog: Border Agents Keep Personal Data of Travelers on USBs
12:11 - FBI Documents Reveal New Details on Aaron Swartz Inquiry
13:45 - Louisiana Adopts Digital Driver's Licenses
16:14 - House panel issues scathing report on 'entirely preventable' Equifax data breach
17:52 - Rhode Island sues Google over Google+ data leaks
18:45 - Signal app to Australia: Good luck with that crypto ban
20:03 - Chinese spies reportedly behind massive Marriott hack
21:46 - Canada grants bail for arrested Huawei CFO who faces US extradition
23:11 - China's new games censors take tough stance
25:54 - Chinese Hackers Breach U.S. Navy Contractors
27:19 - Qualcomm asks China to ban the iPhone XS and XR
28:02 - Apple plans iPhone software update to reverse Chinese ban
29:17 - Cloudflare Under Fire for Allegedly Providing DDoS Protection for Terrorist Websites
30:59 - An AI system has just created the most realistic looking photos ever
32:33 - Russia’s New Arctic Drones Are Built to Spot Ships
34:07 - Alexa is implementing self-learning techniques to better understand users
36:03 - Walmart tests 'Flippy' kitchen robot assistant

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