0:46 - Sending Lewd Nudes to Strangers Could Mean a Year in Jail
4:15 - Trump says US could slap 10% tariffs on iPhones, laptops from China
6:02 - Supreme Court could rule against Apple in App Store antitrust case, say early reports

6:59 - DOJ made secret arguments to break crypto, now ACLU wants to make them public

8:50 - Dems demand info on law enforcement's use of Amazon facial recognition tool
12:49 - Microsoft wins $480 million military contract to bring HoloLens to the battlefield
15:07 - SEC charges two celebrities for promoting fraudulent ICO’s
15:58 - GCHQ’s not-so-smart idea to spy on encrypted messaging apps is branded ‘absolute madness’
18:14 - After Microsoft complaints, Indian police arrest tech support scammers at 26 call centers
20:15 - Companies 'can sack workers for refusing to use fingerprint scanners'
21:52 - Does Google harm local search rivals? EU antitrust regulators ask
23:33 - Samsung's folding screen tech has been stolen and sold to China
25:03 - Automakers give the Chinese government access to location data of electric cars
27:24 - Latest Windows 10 update breaks Windows Media Player, Win32 apps in general
28:41 - The App Destroying Iran’s Currency
30:09 - Dell announces security breach
31:19 - US iOS users targeted by massive malvertising campaign
32:21 - Marriott says 500 million Starwood guest records stolen in massive data breach
34:52 - Widely used open source software contained bitcoin-stealing backdoor
37:10 - Urban Massage exposed a huge customer database, including sensitive comments on its creepy clients
38:18 - Someone hacked printers worldwide, urging people to subscribe to PewDiePie
42:05 - Comcast raises cable TV bills again—even if you’re under contract
43:49 - Intel Is About to Be Dethroned by TSMC
45:32 - Cyber Monday is set to be a $7.8 billion day, breaking online records
47:27 - Amazon will sell software that mines medical records to improve healthcare
48:56 - Google Shut Out Privacy and Security Teams From Secret China Project
51:36 - Microsoft's multi-factor authentication service goes down for second week in a row
52:34 - Lenovo to Pay $7.3 Million in Settlement for Installing Adware on 800K Notebooks
54:23 - Amazon is launching pay-as-you-go cloud computing in space
55:23 - Bethesda Facing Possible Class-Action Lawsuit Over Fallout 76
1:00:01 - New Parents Complain Amazon Baby-Registry Ads Are Deceptive
1:02:34 - The FTC Says It Will Investigate Loot Boxes
1:04:37 - Elon Musk's Boring Company Cancels Los Angeles Tunnel Following Lawsuit
1:07:10 - Apple reportedly cuts over 700 apps from Chinese App Store
1:08:08 - RISC-V and Linux Foundations will partner to promote open source CPU
1:10:04 - Space Odyssey helps launch first 8K TV channel
1:11:49 - Facebook quietly hired Republican strategy firm Targeted Victory
1:13:30 - Facebook discussed using people’s data as a bargaining chip, emails and court filings suggest
1:15:40 - NASA’s InSight successfully lands on Mars after ‘seven minutes of terror’
1:17:48 - Google’s Parent Has A Plan To Eliminate Mosquitoes Worldwide
1:20:33 - NBCUniversal Taps Machine Learning to Tie Ads to Relevant Moments on TV
1:23:17 - Lawmakers introduce bill to stop bots from ruining holiday shopping
1:25:10 - Exclusive: UK police wants AI to stop violent crime before it happens
1:26:37 - DHL will invest $300 million to quadruple robots in warehouses in 2019
1:27:23 - Inside the futuristic restaurant where a robot has replaced the bartender
1:28:32 - ISS robot accuses crew of being mean
1:29:59 - Amazon’s own ‘Machine Learning University’ now available to all developers
1:31:19 - Uber has cracked two classic ’80s video games by giving an AI algorithm a new type of memory
1:32:21 - Automated technique for anime colorization using deep learning
1:35:22 - Tesla "Romance Mode" Will Debut Just Before Cars Become Fully Self-Driving
1:36:51 - It took seven miles to pull over a Tesla with a seemingly asleep driver
1:38:07 - Starbucks says it will start blocking pornography on its stores' Wi-Fi in 2019
1:39:24 - F-word removed from Linux code comments in favour of 'hug'
1:41:24 - Fortnite 6.31 New Game Addiction Pushing Kids to Gamer Rehab
1:45:37 - Poo found on every McDonald's touchscreen tested
1:47:47 - People are selling eye-wateringly strong skunk on Amazon in Britain
1:49:27 - Amazon blasted for selling hardcore PORN videos in 'dad's gifts' section
1:50:52 - Massive cow named Knickers has been deemed too large to eat
1:53:58 - 'Winnie the Pooh' told to stay out of sight during Xi Jinping's Madrid visit

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