0:00 - Intro
0:52 - Jeff Bezos to step down as Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy to take over in Q3
1:54 - Amazon battles warehouse union drive with hardball tactics
3:12 - Andy Jassy, Next Amazon CEO, Says He's Committed to Making Video Games
4:56 - Google Cloud lost $5.61 billion on $13.06 billion revenue last year
5:53 - Google Snags Ford Cloud Partnership in Coup Over Microsoft
7:15 - Google Stadia Shuts Down Internal Studios, Changing Business Focus
8:11 - Two Google engineers resign over firing of AI ethics researcher Timnit Gebru
10:02 - AT&T customer since 1960 buys WSJ print ad to complain of slow speeds
10:58 - Comcast lifts uploads to 5Mbps amid complaints its low-income plan is too slow
11:57 - Cable ISP warns “excessive” uploaders, says network can’t handle heavy usage
13:06 - Wall Street is keeping very close tabs on WallStreetBets. Here's how
15:35 - FINRA Targets 'Game-Like' Digital Platforms
17:10 - Robinhood plummets back down to a one-star rating on Google Play
18:04 - Robinhood Screwed Its Users But Is More Popular Than Ever
19:45 - Elon Musk: Neuralink wires up monkey to play video games using mind
21:32 - Elon Musk admits Tesla has quality problems
22:29 - Tesla recalls 135,000 cars after pushing back against regulators
23:52 - Tesla's dirty little secret: Its net profit doesn't come from selling cars
25:22 - GM hit by chip shortage, to cut production at four plants
26:37 - Apple will invest $3.6 billion in Kia Motors to build an Apple Car, report says
27:58 - Apple's mixed reality headset could cost $3,000 and include 8K displays
29:27 - Uber buying booze delivery company Drizly for $1.1 billion
30:59 - Visa Wants to Work with Exchanges, Wallets on ‘Digital Gold’ Bitcoin
32:02 - Parler CEO John Matze says company's board fired him
33:57 - Twitter restricts numerous high-profile accounts in India following ‘legal demand’
35:20 - Facebook testing notification to users about Apple privacy changes

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