1:39 - Qualcomm makes case to appeals court that it didn't hurt competition
3:14 - The price of a .com domain is set to rise, and some sellers aren't happy
4:20 - Apple Pay on pace to account for 10% of global card transactions
6:09 - Nvidia’s GeForce Now is losing all Activision Blizzard games, a bad sign for cloud gaming
7:56 - Netflix Loses Bid to Dismiss $25 Million Lawsuit Over 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'
10:26 - Streaming accounts for nearly one-fifth of total US TV watching, according to Nielsen
13:27 - Samsung announces Galaxy Z Flip with the world's first foldable glass display
16:22 - Microsoft flirts with new anti-trust challenge with new Start Menu-based Edge ads
17:47 - Microsoft promises Windows 10X updates will take ‘less than 90 seconds’
19:30 - IBM picks Slack over Microsoft Teams for its 350,000 employees
21:32 - Yahoo and Tumblr lost 33% of their web traffic in the past several years
22:51 - The first crewed SpaceX flight could happen around May 7th
24:12 - In Amazon’s Bookstore, No Second Chances for the Third Reich
27:05 - Inside Google's Efforts to Engineer Its Food for Healthiness
30:06 - Amazon Axes Delivery Partners in U.S.; Hundreds of Jobs Cut
32:03 - Steam: Virtual reality’s biggest-ever jump in users happened last month
34:12 - Tesla owner says remotely disabled Autopilot features have been restored
35:39 - Robot Analysts Outwit Humans in Study of Profit From Stock Calls
37:20 - This App Automatically Cancels and Sues Robocallers
39:03 - Aftermarket Self-Driving Tech vs. Tesla Auto­pilot, Cadillac Super Cruise
42:09 - FIFA experiments with AI for more accurate offside calls
43:42 - A new implant for blind people jacks directly into the brain
46:52 - White House Earmarks New Money for A.I. and Quantum Computing
48:49 - Software that swaps out words can now fool the AI behind Alexa and Siri
50:11 - Robot assisted microsurgery passes human clinical trial
51:49 - US Army to use gamers’ brain waves to train military robot swarms
54:03 - Couple on coronavirus ship get wine delivered by drone to their cabin

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