Art by 1:57 - Family of man killed in "swatting" incident sues Wichita, Kansas 4:13 - Emergency worker behind false missile alert to file lawsuit against the state 7:48 - Tesla's Musk sells $10 million in flamethrowers in four days 9:13 - YouTube warns of ‘consequences’ for creators who misbehave in the wake of Logan Paul controversy 11:32 - Equifax, still having problems computering, releases credit locking app that doesn’t 13:24 - Court: No evidence that Twitter can be blamed for deaths in Islamic State attack 14:33 - Tinder must stop charging its older California users more for “Plus” features 15:48 - Privacy: Judges say the UK's Snooper's Charter is illegal 17:18 - California Senate defies FCC, approves net neutrality law 18:48 - Pentagon Reviews GPS Policies After Soldiers' Strava Tracks Are Seemingly Exposed 20:42 - FCC chairman slams Trump team's proposal to nationalize 5G 25:28 - Lenovo's Fingerprint Scanner Can Be Bypassed via a Hardcoded Password 26:43 - First ‘Jackpotting’ Attacks Hit U.S. ATMs 29:14 - Apple launches free repair program for 'No Service' iPhone 7 bug 29:49 - Tesla Expands Sales of Solar Gear at Home Depot 31:12 - Amazon patents wristbands designed to track and steer employees’ movements 34:36 - EBay is dumping PayPal for a Dutch rival 36:06 - Songwriters Score Win Over Streaming Services With Pay Hike 37:43 - Union heavyweight wants to ban UPS from using drones or driverless vehicles 39:37 - Dell says it will explore IPO or merger with VMware 42:29 - Microsoft is now selling the Surface Laptop with an Intel Core m3 processor for $799 43:24 - Surging Samsung Electronics Takes Intel’s Chipmaking Crown 43:47 - Microsoft Office 2019 will only work on Windows 10 44:42 - Telegram temporarily removed from Apple’s App Store due to ‘inappropriate content’ 45:22 - The Next Time You Order Room Service, It May Come by Robot 47:31 - Robot Delivery Vans Are Arriving Before Self-Driving Cars 51:30 - U.S. Regulators Subpoena Crypto Exchange Bitfinex, Tether 52:25 - ‘Sea Hunter,’ a drone ship with no crew, just joined the U.S. Navy fleet 55:05 - The US government just gave someone a $120-million robotic arm to use for a year 57:22 - JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America & Citi bar people from buying bitcoin with a credit card 58:37 - Despite reports to the contrary, India is not banning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies 59:51 - Bitcoin plummets below $8,000 for first time since November 1:00:57 - Facebook is banning cryptocurrency and ICO ads 1:03:26 - King of Kong Billy Mitchell Sees His Donkey Kong Record Stripped, Emulator Cheating Suspected 1:05:58 - Volkswagen admits to testing diesel fumes on monkeys, which is messed up 1:08:15 - Emojis and emoticons are showing up in court cases, and lawyers are all (☉_☉) about it 1:11:43 - The "Human Uber" Service In Japan Is Sending Surrogates With Tablets On Their Faces To Events For People Who Can’t Attend 1:13:14 - New porn laws will mean Pornhub asks for your name and address before browsing ********************************** Thanks for watching our videos! If you want more, check us out online at the following places: + Website: + Forums: + Store: + Patreon: + L1 Twitter: + L1 Facebook: + L1/PGP Streaming: + Wendell Twitter: + Ryan Twitter: + Krista Twitter: + Business Inquiries/Brand Integrations: [email protected] *IMPORTANT* Any email lacking “” should be ignored and immediately reported to [email protected]. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro and Outro Music By: Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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