2:19 - Google wins dismissal of facial recognition lawsuit over biometric privacy act
3:33 - Google hit with FTC complaint over 'inappropriate' kids apps
5:50 - SpaceX launches Air Force's most powerful GPS satellite ever built
7:34 - Congress approves act that opens US government data to the public
10:28 - Trump signs legislation to back quantum computing with $1.2 billion
12:14 - LinkedIn Co-Founder Apologizes for Deception in Alabama Senate Race
15:40 - Top Amazon boss privately advised US government on web portal worth billions to tech firm
18:24 - Hospital prices are about to go public
21:28 - Domain Registrar Can be Held Liable for Pirate Site, Court Rules
23:15 - Appeals Court Hands ReDigi Another Loss; Says Reselling Mp3s Violates Copyright Law
25:15 - UK now has systems to combat drones
27:06 - Chinese companies rally around Huawei after CFO arrest
28:48 - Beijing turns to facial recognition to combat public housing abuses
31:00 - Chinese schools are using ‘smart uniforms’ to track their students’ locations
33:38 - India Wants Platforms Like Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, And Twitter To Take Down "Unlawful" Content And Break Encryption
35:34 - India Curbs Power of Amazon and Walmart to Sell Products Online
38:10 - No more paperwork: Estonia edges toward digital government
40:32 - Google erases Kurdistan from maps in compliance with Turkish govt
42:13 - YouTube Apparently Just Did Something Totally Insane on Twitter. (Here's What Happened When People Complained)
44:18 - Facebook's Secret Censorship Manual Exposed as Platform Takes Down Video About Israel Terrorizing Palestinians
47:36 - Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook's 2018: We've changed, we promise

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