1:16 - Biden wants to get rid of tech's legal shield Section 230
3:52 - City of Las Vegas said it successfully avoided devastating cyber-attack
4:52 - FBI: Nation-state actors have breached two US municipalities
6:28 - FBI Changes Policy for Notifying States of Election Systems Cyber Breaches
8:43 - Apple responds to AG Barr on phone unlocking: read the full statement here
9:58 - FBI unlocks iPhone 11 Pro Max using Graykey raising privacy concerns
12:06 - The Military Is Building Long-Range Facial Recognition That Works in the Dark
14:15 - FBI arrests man suspected of orchestrating dozens of “swatting” calls
15:54 - The Navy Has Secret Classified Video of an Infamous UFO Incident
17:52 - A broken computer system costs F-35 maintainers 45k hours a year
19:18 - T-Mobile/Sprint urge court for deal approval, states warn of price hikes
21:08 - Supreme Court Declines to Consider Medical Diagnostic Patents
22:46 - Cloudflare is giving away its security tools to US political campaigns
24:23 - PopSockets, Sonos, Tile and Basecamp will ask Congress to help stop big tech bullying on antitrust
26:19 - EU mulls 5-year ban on facial recognition tech in public spaces
28:16 - As Apple plots to drop iPhone ports, Europe plans law to give all phones same charger
29:51 - Mobile phones cause tumours, Italian court rules, in defiance of evidence
31:17 - Amazon’s fresh $1B investment in India is not a big favor, says India trade minister
33:27 - Cut Undersea Cable Plunges Yemen Into Days-Long Internet Outage
34:53 - Jack Dorsey says we’ll “probably” never get to edit tweets
36:35 - Facebook says technical error caused vulgar translation of Chinese leader's name

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