0:28 - Apple's losses since peak exceed the value of 496 of S&P 500
1:15 - Tim Cook to Investors: People Bought Fewer New iPhones Because They Repaired Their Old Ones
3:15 - Apple App Store breaks records, customers spent $1.22B in one week
4:12 - AirPower officially misses 2018 deadline, Apple silent on its status
4:51 - Exclusive: Amazon says 100 million Alexa devices have been sold
5:55 - 'We are not robots': Amazon warehouse employees push to unionize
7:15 - Amazon workers strike in Spain ahead of Three Kings gift-giving
8:55 - Microsoft is privately testing 'Bali,' a way to give users control of data collected about them
11:52 - Google wins U.S. approval for new radar-based motion sensor
13:29 - Google shifted $23 billion to tax haven Bermuda in 2017
14:29 - Loon’s Balloons Will Fly Over Kenya in First Commercial Telecom Tryout
15:57 - Sony promises better face identification through depth-sensing lasers
17:16 - Video games now account for more than half of UK entertainment market
18:08 - Album Sales Are Dying as Fast as Streaming Services Are Rising
20:09 - It's a Linux-powered car world
22:10 - Chinese phone maker Huawei punishes employees for iPhone tweet blunder
24:18 - Comcast (CMCSA), Dish, AT&T (T) to Raise TV Prices This Year
26:37 - Tired tech workers lose 27 hours of sleep per month
27:48 - Star Control: Origins removed from Steam, GOG following DMCA claim
30:04 - Hit by reduced tax credit, Tesla cutting prices
32:09 - Social media and depression: Link might be stronger in girls
35:03 - GoFundMe Is Still Enabling 'Garbage' Cancer Treatment Scams, Study Finds
36:50 - Economists calculate the true value of Facebook to its users in new study
40:29 - Apple Just Received a New Patent For “Smart Fabric”
41:53 - Google Chrome Dark Mode Confirmed For Windows 10 To Channel Your Inner Darth Vader

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