0:56 - Facebook AI Pluribus defeats top poker professionals in 6-player Texas Hold ’em
3:00 - Scientists 3D-print human skin and bone for Mars astronauts
4:34 - Alibaba has claimed a new record in AI language understanding
5:47 - AI Trained on Old Scientific Papers Makes Discoveries Humans Missed
7:26 - Self-driving shuttle crashed in Las Vegas because manual controls were locked away
9:24 - This tiny house was 3D-printed and built in less than 48 hours
11:43 - Amazon continues work on mobile home robot as it preps new high-end Echo, says report
14:10 - DeepMind's 'StarCraft II' AI Will Soon Take on Regular Players Without Telling Them
16:10 - Moons that escape their planets could become ‘ploonets’
18:17 - The Psychedelics Evangelist: A German Financier Wants to Turn Magic Mushrooms into Modern Medicine
21:05 - Drunk man sends injured baby bird to wildlife rescue center in an Uber
22:51 - Woman wanted for murder drops bizarre comment on photo released by police
24:39 - Thousands of people have taken a Facebook pledge to storm Area 51 to 'see them aliens'
26:52 - Sword-Wielding Gamer Arrested After Threatening People Because Of A Power Outage
28:12 - 14-year-old Quits School to Play Fortnite
29:53 - US Court Says the Night King from 'Game of Thrones' Was Completely 'Meaningless'
32:54 - Chess grandmaster admits to cheating with phone on toilet during tournament
34:34 - One Million Moms Protests 'Toy Story 4' Over 'Dangerous' Lesbian Scene
39:09 - Juggalo Makeup Blocks Facial Recognition Technology

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