1:04 - Researchers Easily Trick Cylance's AI-Based Antivirus Into Thinking Malware Is 'Goodware'
3:22 - London Metropolitan Police's Facial Recognition System Is Now Only Misidentifying People 81% Of The Time
4:54 - Pedestrian collision puts Vienna’s driverless bus trial on hold
6:07 - NASA backs demo that will 3D-print spacecraft parts in orbit
8:23 - Remote-controlled Salmon Farms to Operate Off Norway by 2020
10:42 - Swarm Robots Mimic Ant Jaws to Flip and Jump
12:41 - The flamethrower drone will soon be a thing you can buy
15:08 - Your Netflix and Porn Addictions are Contributing to Global Warming
16:38 - Area 51: Bud Light is offering free beer to any aliens that make it out
18:46 - Michigan pool pooper caught on camera, banned for summer
23:05 - T-Mobile and Taco Bell's new T-MoBell stores serve 'smartphones with a side of tacos'
24:00 - Pennsylvania man charged after photographing himself with cats on his genitals
26:39 - Chinese space station Tiangong-2 is about to fall from space
28:10 - Apparent arson attack devastates Kyoto Animation anime studio with dozens confirmed dead
30:20 - Amazon Accidentally Sold $13,000+ Camera Gear for $100 on Prime Day
32:47 - ‘Space Invaders’: ‘Mortal Kombat’ Scribe Greg Russo To Write Sci-Fi Film
34:36 - House orders Pentagon to say if it weaponized ticks and released them
37:00 - City hopes 'Baby Shark' song will drive homeless away

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