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2:02 - GDPR law doesn't apply to EU for "legal reasons" - as personal data is leaked
3:34 - FCC Emails Show Agency Spread Lies to Bolster Dubious DDoS Attack Claims
7:01 - NTSB: Autopilot steered Tesla car toward traffic barrier before deadly crash
9:40 - Copyright law could put end to net memes
11:47 - 'WannaCry hero' faces more federal malware charges
13:44 - US govt mulls snatching back full control of the internet's domain name and IP address admin
15:31 - NY State Legislators Unanimously Pass A Cyberbullying Bill That Can't Be Bothered To Define Cyberbullying
17:32 - HART: Homeland Security's Massive New Database Will Include Face Recognition, DNA, and Peoples' "Non-Obvious Relationships"
20:20 - 30,000 Cameras Can't Be Wrong: Chicago Banks On Surveillance To Solve Violence Problem
22:46 - Two Quantum Computing Bills Are Coming to Congress
24:20 - Trump strikes deal with China's ZTE
27:28 - Unpublished Censorship Guidelines Lay Bare The Deepest Fears Of The Chinese Government
30:29 - Uber facing ban in Turkey after Erdogan backs taxis
31:40 - French school students to be banned from using mobile phones
33:59 - YouTube Can Be Liable For Copyright Infringing Videos, Court Rules
35:53 - Washington sues Facebook and Google over failure to disclose political ad spending
37:34 - State Court Says Cop Posing As A Facebook Friend To Snag Criminal Evidence Isn't A 4th Amendment Violation
40:22 - Facebook is getting into the news business with CNN, Fox News
42:12 - Facebook launches Fb.gg gaming video hub to compete with Twitch
44:34 - Internal Documents Show How Facebook Decides When a Poop Emoji Is Hate Speech
47:15 - Facebook alerts 14M to privacy bug that changed status composer to public
49:12 - Facebook Gave Device Makers Deep Access to Data on Users and Friends
51:43 - Facebook gave some companies special access to data on users' friends
53:26 - Missouri woman going to prison for ISIS threats via Twitter

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