0:00 - Intro
0:43 - ICE Searched LexisNexis Over a Million Times in 7 Months
2:12 - Pentagon's new AI and data chief: 'Let me say honestly that the bureaucracy is real'
3:18 - US Department of Justice calls for more international cooperation, coordination on crypto law enforcement
3:55 - US Regulators Investigating Binance’s BNB Token
5:01 - Biden orders emergency steps to boost U.S. solar production
6:48 - Senate antitrust vote likely to pass legislation targeting Apple and others
8:47 - U.S. Supreme Court seeks Biden views on WhatsApp 'Pegasus' spyware dispute
10:59 - Auto Safety Agency Expands Tesla Investigation
12:45 - China rebrands proposal on internet governance, targeting developing countries
14:47 - China 'must seize TSMC' if US imposes sanctions
16:28 - China offers citizens cash and ‘spiritual rewards’ for spying tipoffs
17:25 - EU lawmakers endorse ban on combustion-engine cars in 2035
18:41 - EU working on possible ban on providing cloud services to Russia
19:24 - EU makes USB-C mandatory for Apple iPhones and other devices
20:02 - UK will not copy EU demand for common charging cable
21:20 - Saudi Arabia plans to spend $1 billion a year discovering treatments to slow aging
22:26 - Google disables RCS ads in India following rampant spam by businesses
22:51 - FBI seizes notorious marketplace for selling millions of stolen SSNs
23:21 - Chrome will now silence many of those annoying notification permission prompts on the web
24:43 - Google tool shows what’s on the surface of the Earth in real time
25:54 - macOS will soon block unknown USB-C accessories by default
26:44 - Investor sues the Winklevoss twins’ Gemini crypto exchange over security failures
27:44 - Italian city of Palermo shuts down all systems to fend off cyberattack
28:28 - Apple ‘passkeys’ could finally kill off the password for good
29:27 - Ukrainian officials' phones targeted by hackers -cyber watchdog
30:16 - Telegram reportedly surrendered user data to authorities despite insisting '0 bytes' had ever been shared
30:58 - Microsoft Follina Vulnerability in Windows Can Be Exploited Through Office 365
31:42 - Bluetooth signals can be used to identify and track smartphones
33:25 - Palantir gears up to expand its reach into UK's NHS

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