0:00 - Intro
0:42 - Apple’s M2 lineup could add a 15-inch MacBook Air and 14-inch iPad Pro
1:03 - Apple iOS 16 previewed at WWDC 2022
1:42 - iOS 16 supports Nintendo’s Switch Pro and Joy-Con controllers
2:38 - Apple will allow Linux VMs to run Intel apps with Rosetta in macOS Ventura
3:49 - Apple expands fintech ambitions in iOS 16
6:12 - MetalFX Upscaling will bring DLSS-like image reconstruction to games on MacOS
6:46 - Next-Generation Apple CarPlay Will Be a Whole Car OS
7:35 - Meta has reportedly shelved its watch with in-built cameras
9:16 - Microsoft Trying to Kill HDD Boot Drives By 2023: Report
10:10 - Microsoft tries collaborating with unions to avoid ‘public disputes’
11:12 - Microsoft Won't Ban Most Staff From Seeking Jobs at Big Tech Rivals
12:23 - Microsoft winds down its business in Russia, lays off more than 400 people
13:13 - Google developer Emma Haruka Iwao has calculated Pi to 100 trillion digits
14:12 - Some NYC Restaurants Still Owed Thousands of Dollars After Grubhub’s Free Lunch Debacle
15:09 - Diablo Immortal now has Blizzard’s lowest ever user score on Metacritic
17:31 - Salesforce takes crypto plunge with new NFT cloud
18:17 - PayPal Lets Users Transfer Bitcoin and Ethereum to External Wallets
19:05 - Wall Street's top cop proposes massive changes to the stock market
20:35 - Nintendo wanted hacker's prison sentence to turn heads
22:46 - Inside Roku, Talk Is Heating up About an Acquisition by Netflix
24:30 - Bosses wanting a return to office face off with workers who want to stay home
25:36 - Facebook Gaming brings Crayta’s user-generated games to its cloud platform
27:19 - Alleged Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype surfaces on reddit
28:48 - Twitter to provide spam data to Elon Musk as part of deal
30:01 - Texas AG Ken Paxton to investigate Twitter over fake accounts
31:16 - Twitter Refusing Jan 6 Committee Request for Slack Chat Logs
31:56 - Amid growing concerns around app addiction, TikTok rolls out more screen tools


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