0:49 - Tesla's Autopilot to get 'full self-driving feature' in August
2:22 - Tesla Model S fire filmed by actress
4:27 - Facebook's public relations chief to step down
6:35 - Danish Anti-Piracy Lawyers Jailed For Real, Actual Stealing From Copyright Holders
8:02 - Sony is blocking Fortnite cross-play between PS4 and Nintendo Switch players
9:57 - Comcast says it isn't throttling heavy internet users anymore
11:00 - Exclusive: Microsoft takes aim at Amazon with push for checkout-free retail
12:21 - AT&T completes $85 billion Time Warner acquisition
13:41 - Amazon, Microsoft, and Uber are paying big money to kill a California privacy initiative
15:10 - Verizon's New Above Unlimited Plan Is Ridiculous
16:41 - U.S. Files Criminal Charges Against Theranos's Elizabeth Holmes, Ramesh Balwani
18:41 - Hackers Crashed a Bank's Computers While Attempting a SWIFT Hack
19:59 - These dogs sniff out cybercrime
22:51 - Cortana Hack Lets You Change Passwords on Locked PCs
24:18 - Dixons Carphone suffers two major security breaches exposing customers' bank card details and personal information
25:39 - This app in Google Play wants to use phone mics to enforce copyrights
28:18 - ​Another day, another Intel CPU security hole: Lazy State
31:05 - Cops Are Confident iPhone Hackers Have Found a Workaround to Apple's New Security Feature
33:46 - Kaspersky Halts Europol and NoMoreRansom Project Coop After EU Parliament Vote
36:52 - 17 Backdoored Docker Images Removed From Docker Hub
37:51 - Bugs Allowed Hackers to Make Malware Look Like Apple Software

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