3:43 - Kamala Harris introduces bill to send millions to local governments for tech support
5:22 - ISPs strike deal with Vermont to suspend state net neutrality law
6:20 - The Intercept Shuts Down Access to Snowden Trove
8:20 - The US Government Will Use Facial Recognition In Top Airports
9:23 - MSP database contains millions of photos of Michigan residents
10:35 - Police officer allegedly used sensitive database for a personal dating service
13:40 - DARPA Is Building a $10 Million, Open Source, Secure Voting System
16:31 - Arizona will go after big tech if necessary, says attorney general
18:17 - EU Expected to Hit Google with Another Massive Antitrust Fine
20:03 - Radio gaga: Techies fear EU directive to stop RF device tinkering will do more harm than good
22:03 - Fearing Cancer From 5G, Portland City Council May Ask FCC to Investigate
24:58 - You will soon be able to pay your subway fare with your face in China
26:28 - America’s Undersea Battle With China for Control of the Global Internet Grid
28:02 - US tells Germany to stop using Huawei equipment or lose intel access
32:08 - Researchers Find Critical Backdoor in Swiss Online Voting System
33:44 - Russia blocks encrypted email provider ProtonMail
34:49 - Updated: Reddit blocked on multiple ISPs and mobile data connections
35:54 - #IMPORTANT NZ police would like to...
40:51 - Samsung Galaxy S10 facial recognition fooled by a video of the phone owner
42:01 - Triton is the world’s most murderous malware, and it’s spreading
45:15 - 39% of All Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers Used to Infect Players
47:04 - Nasty WinRAR bug is being actively exploited to install hard-to-detect malware
48:23 - Man arrested for selling one million Netflix, Spotify, Hulu passwords

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