1:01 - Equifax CIO Put '2 and 2 Together' Then Sold Stock, SEC Says
4:41 - Sri Lanka accuses Facebook over hate speech after deadly riots
7:39 - Entire broadband industry will help FCC defend net neutrality repeal
10:06 - Verizon Forced to Repair Broadband Infrastructure It Has Literally Let Fall Apart
13:16 - Two months of daily GTA causes "no significant changes" in behavior
14:31 - To find suspects, Raleigh police quietly turn to Google
19:07 - New bill in Congress would hand your data to cops
20:32 - With Airport Face Scans More Widespread, Privacy And Accuracy Concerns Persist
22:40 - Court nixes FCC rules targeting robocalls
25:01 - China to bar people with bad 'social credit' from planes, trains
27:23 - EU wants to require platforms to filter uploaded content (including code)
30:08 - Bali switches off internet services for 24 hours for New Year 'quiet reflection'
32:09 - ProtonMail is being blocked in Turkey.
33:55 - Privacy warning as 7-Eleven in Thailand to start scanning customer's faces
35:55 - Trump Blocks Broadcom Takeover of Qualcomm on Security Risks
37:45 - Google Will Prioritize Stories for Paying News Subscribers
38:57 - iHeartMedia Files for Bankruptcy to Restructure Massive Debt
40:55 - Lyft is testing a Netflix-style monthly subscription plan
43:47 - SEC charges Theranos and CEO Elizabeth Holmes with 'massive fraud'
46:00 - With the "Solo: A Star Wars Story" posters, Disney copied a French graphic designer, he alleges
50:30 - 13 Major Vulnerabilities Discovered in AMD Zen Architecture, Including Backdoors
55:51 - Can AMD Vulnerabilities Be Used to Game the Stock Market?
59:44 - Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach
1:05:08 - 1 in 3 Michigan workers tested opened fake 'phishing' email
1:08:35 - List of Third Parties (other than PayPal Customers) with Whom Personal Information May be Shared
1:11:13 - Slingshot: Riding on a hardware Trojan horse - Kaspersky Lab official blog
1:12:52 - University of Arizona tracks student ID cards to detect who might drop out
1:15:58 - Power Outage at Samsung's Fab Destroys 3.5% of Global NAND Flash Output For March
1:18:50 - Tesla manufacturing high volume of flawed parts: employees
1:21:11 - Intel Patches All Recent CPUs, Promises Hardware Fixes For Upcoming 8th Gen Chips
1:22:58 - Nvidia confirm the GeForce Partner Program doesn't prevent AMD gaming brands
1:30:23 - Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ on sale now at $35
1:31:45 - Microsoft wants to force Windows 10 Mail users to use Edge for email links
1:33:28 - Several privacy-busting bugs found in popular VPN services
1:35:01 - EA Will Not Sell 'Loot Crates' in Star Wars Battlefront II
1:38:38 - Coming Soon to a Front Porch Near You: Package Delivery Via Drone
1:41:08 - Cross a John Deere with a Roomba, and you get this crop-monitoring robot
1:42:10 - Walmart files a patent for robot bees that pollinate crops
1:43:23 - U of C researchers predict locations where lightning is likely to spark wildfires
1:44:41 - Sierra Leone just ran the first blockchain-based election
1:45:58 - Google banning cryptocurrency-related advertising
1:47:41 - Bitcoin's highly anticipated 'Lightning Network' goes live
1:49:44 - Department of Citrus employee arrested when caught mining for cryptocurrency, agents say
1:52:36 - Scientists Create a Way for People With Amputations to Feel Their Prosthetic Hands
1:54:05 - Scientists on brink of overcoming livestock diseases through gene editing
1:56:12 - Stephen Hawking: World celebrates life of cosmology's brightest star
1:58:27 - Facebook sorry for suggesting child sex videos in search
1:59:22 - Tumblr Has a Massive Creepshots Problem
2:01:41 - Beaver Dam apartment explosion: Benjamin Morrow identified as victim
2:03:23 - iOS 11 bugs are so common they now appear in Apple ads
2:06:33 - A startup is pitching a mind-uploading service that is "100 percent fatal"
2:11:01 - 'Biohacker' implants travel card in hand, court says 'nice try'

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