0:30 - Apple dealt legal blow as jury awards Qualcomm $31 million
2:29 - These hyper-secretive economists are transforming how Amazon does business
5:05 - AT&T Jacks Up TV Prices Again After Merger, Despite Promising That Wouldn’t Happen
6:56 - Amazon Lobbied More Federal Entities Than Any Other Tech Giant in 2018
8:35 - Verizon says 5G network will cost extra $10 a month
10:17 - Huawei confirms it has a backup OS in case it's cut off from Android
11:30 - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Review: Smooth 1080P Gaming For Less
13:11 - Steam Link Anywhere will let you stream your PC's games on the go
16:16 - Microsoft announces Xbox Live for any iOS or Android game
17:22 - HP recalls more laptops for 'fire and burn hazards'
19:22 - Consumers and Innovators Win on a Level Playing Field
21:28 - QuadrigaCX: Redditor claims exchange used to trade against its customers without assets to back them
23:24 - Angry Birds developer seeks backers for its 'Netflix of Games' service
26:26 - Smart TVs could get annoying ads just like your web browser does
28:38 - Amazon and KIA Team Up for Level 2 EV Battery Home-Charging Stations
30:57 - Ikea’s 3D-printed add-ons make its furniture more accessible for people with disabilities
34:02 - Tesla Pickup truck: decoding Elon Musk's teaser
35:38 - Stanford unveils new AI institute, built to create ‘a better future for all humanity'
36:37 - Origami-inspired robot gripper grasps objects up to 120 times its weight
39:01 - Facial recognition's 'dirty little secret': Millions of online photos scraped without consent
40:14 - Alphabet's AI-powered Chrome extension hides toxic comments
42:03 - Meet BookBot: Mountain View library’s newest robot helper
43:57 - CoParenter helps divorced parents settle disputes using AI and human mediation
47:56 - Robot ‘shark’ that eats plastic waste launched to tackle pollution

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